Revit Implementation Puzzle - 5 Basic Planned Investments

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 6, 2016 5:35:00 AM

The Revit Implementation Puzzle for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Assembling your Revit Implementation Puzzle, requires a transition of all the "pieces"; your organization, staff, technologies, project workflows, consultants and clients from CAD-based processes to your future BIM-based processes.

Based on 25 years of transitioning hundreds of design, construction and facility owner organizations -- these are the 5 typical investment costs; for your consideration.

To be clear - the Revit transition will change how all of the "pieces" connect and create the new "BIM-process picture" for your organization.

Financial Keys - The Revit Implementation Puzzle for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

These will be upfront and ongoing investment costs. However, the costs are "time and financial investments"; that can be planned within your budgets and billing processes. If properly implemented, documented and managed; they should provide a Return-On-Invest (ROI) from your BIM transition efforts.

For now, I've listed them below; many times with a link to a related article. Over time; I'll fill in the blanks with more detailed articles --that best explain how these made "the list" from my 10+ years of client Revit implementation experiences.

Role of the Revit BIM Consultant - The Revit Implementation Puzzle for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

1 ) Hire a Revit Implementation Consultant

A consultant should deliver a full assessment of your current staff, technologies, consultants, document distribution, graphic standards, and workflow processes.

This person and/or organization should prescribe & deliver a roll-out recommendation with implementation options, schedule and budget.

Your most effective method to quickly succeed, is to hire someone;,who can help you design your "Revit Road Map" --prior to starting the Revit implementation journey.

2) Revit Software & Computer Systems\Networks:

The Revit software, computer systems & network will need to be better and faster; than the typical CAD workstations. The Revit project files will be larger; while Revit supports the benefit of several people simultaneously, accessing the same project file.

Autodesk Revit 2014 System Requirements | Windows – Revit Server – Mac OS® X

Defining Revit Implementation Training - The Revit Implementation Puzzle for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

3) Revit Training and Continued Education

Revit's functionality and processes are far different than AutoCAD. Training will be required; to learn both the new software and the valuable productivity process enhancements. Designing a custom learning program; will expedite your Revit implementation plan --that is specific to your firm's staff and projects. You'll improve your Return-On-Investment by rolling out Revit faster, on more projects.

Keys to Designing Your Successful Revit 101 Basic Training

4) BIM Manager Role and Position

How do you prepare for the BIM Manager role and position in your organization? Do you hire from outside your firm or train from within? The BIM Manager responsibilities far exceed the role of a CAD Manager --which many times; was associated with managing project graphic standards, file organization and training.

5) Revit (Family) Building Product Content Library - Standards

Assembling and managing a Revit Library of reliable building product content for your projects --will determine the efficiency of your Revit projects. There are hundreds of building product manufacturers; that provide free, pre-built Revit content (windows, fixtures, walls) --where almost none existed 10 years ago.

Key Costs for Building Revit Families

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Daniel Hughes | BIM Strategist: These have proven to be the most consistent Revit investments; that organizations have embedded into their annual budgets. This "top 5" list has remained consistent for more than 10 years; they belong in your annual budget and business plans.

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