Delivers Various Bradley BIM File Formats

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jul 12, 2016 10:17:02 AM

Bradley BIM is testing the BIM file format output and downloads of a new online BIM library

Our initial focus is to provide our global clients with access to Bradley BIM product files in a variety of file formats used by the AECO community.

  1. Revit, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Inventor
  2. ArchiCAD, All Plan
  3. Bentley AECOSim
  4. Trimble SketchUp and others
  5. IFC, DXF, SAT, PDF 

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Secondarily, Bradley has been using BIM for our international products in the Middle East (UAE, Dubai, Saudia Arabia), UK/EU and Latin America. These regions use a variety of BIM file formats and work in metric rather than imperial units. provides multi-BIM file support for a Bradley International Team that has served International, global projects with Bradley plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories and industrial fixtures for over 45 years. 

Bradley BIM is currently testing the delivery of BIM files for our Bradley Diplomat Series of Washroom Accessories

Here's an example of product download page; check out the 3D viewing, sectioning and visual tools at the bottom of the product page.

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e-SPECS for Revit - A Small Firm Perspective | CSI Learning Video

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 7, 2016 6:39:00 AM


The CSI BIM Practice Group published this Revit | e-SPECS learning-video (below) defining a Small Firm's Perspective | Implementing e-SPECS Specifications authoring software. e-SPECS automates the creation of the specifications by linking directly to a project's Revit model.

In April 2012, Bradley announced that the Bradley Revit Family Library Joins E-Specs Integrated Specifications Program. Bradley's partnership became effective in June 2012.

--- Bradley BIM e-SPECS for Revit Begins 5th Year Commitment | 2016 ---

e-SPECS for Revit automates the process of creating specification manuals integrated with all Autodesk Revit-based applications. e-SPECS for Revit includes the e-SPECS Binding Manager to link Revit families to your master guide specs automatically including and filtering the sections based on the families and parameters in the BIM Model.


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What is the Best Timeline for Upgrading Revit Software

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jul 9, 2012 5:15:54 AM

What is the Best Timeline for Upgrading Revit Software?

Here's the 7-point recommendation I've usually offered to BIM Managers and posted for this discussion in the Revit Users LinkedIn Group:

I usually ask my clients to review & consider these points; prior to upgrading.

  • "How will a Revit product upgrade affect your project's current timelines and team members?"
  • If a project's print or submittal milestone date is looming in the next 30-45 days, I don't recommend an upgrade...especially for larger project teams.
  • If the project is long term and does not have an immediate print/submittal milestone; the PM/PA is consulted to discuss a potential switch date of a project's Revit version with his/her entire team (design, engineering, contractor).
  • I encourage BIM Managers to "look out" 3-6 months from December --and review new incoming projects that may be acceptable for the next Revit version. Based on software subscription dates; Autodesk software is updated each March-April.
  • During this time, BIM Managers should review, "What current or future projects should be considered for upgrade or to be started on the newest version of software?"
  • I suggest that Revit\BIM Managers consider participating with Autodesk's Beta programs as they can be helpful to "kicking the tires" early using test equipment to anticipate any training, equipment or process changes to the project team(s).
  • Most (IT & Project Teams) agree that they will wait until the first service an installed release is disruptive. However, the First Customer Shipment (FCS) version is used to do final testing of deployment images, upgraded Revit standards, project testing, equipment upgrades and training update materials.

My recommendation is based on technically supporting and consulting the Revit upgrade process with hundreds of Revit-based design firms since 2002.

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You may reference my Revit-BIM industry expertise & credentials using my Linkedin profile. If you wish to connect; please send me a Linkedin invitation to connect to your network.

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Revit Family Poll | Which Version of Revit Are You Using?

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Feb 4, 2012 4:45:43 AM

The Bradley Revit Family Library (all 1000 families) is being updated to Revit 2011.

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