USACE-ISC 3D BIM Visualization | Autodesk Revit for CoS Projects

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jun 16, 2011 8:00:07 PM

USACE-Infrastructure Systems Conference 2011 | AtlantaThursday (June 16) provided another big day of BIM process learning sessions and the USACE-ISC in Atlanta. Late in the day, an announcement was made regarding the use of Autodesk Products (i.e. Revit) for US Army Corps of Engineers CoS Projects.

Thursday (June 16) BIM/CAD Learning Sessions:

  • 3D: Its Not Just for Movies
  • 3D Visualization Tips and Tricks
  • 3D or Not 3D: Case Studies Illustrating Design Benefits Derived from 3D Modeling
  • BIM to PDF: Bringing BIM to Everyone
  • USACE BIM Past, Present and Future
  • The Conflicts Between a CAD World and a BIM World: Different as Paper and Digital
  • Leveraging Virtualization in the Built Environment
  • The Next Generation of Building Energy Simulation Software

We had several "face time" opportunities to meet with our USACE BIM Practice Team contacts.

The USACE will be issuing an updated BIM Roadmap in early 2012. Autodesk products (Revit, Max, etc) will become viable tools for producing USACE CoS Projects.

We closed out an early evening with Autodesk (Revit software publisher) hosting a networking event in the Hyatt Hotel.

We head for home tomorrow; it's been a fun and informative week!

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