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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 2, 2016 7:46:00 AM

Each week Bradley clients; architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners contact our Revit-BIM Team with questions that ask;

"How are Bradley Revit families created?"

Daniel Hughes | Bradley BIM Strategist and Author

Here are the Top 10 Value Points that we share with them;

01) Extensive Division 10 & 22 Revit Library: Bradley's Revit Family Library currently has more than 1000 Revit family components representing thousands of Bradley plumbing fixture and specialty equipment products.

02) Documented-Proven Modeling Standards: We initially used the Revit Model Style Guide from Autodesk SEEK.

However, based on 10 years of actual Revit-BIM project experience, I rewrote and tripled the size of the original document. Bradley's new document better serves our clients' and the industry's evolving Revit-BIM project standards-practices.


View-Download Bradley Lenox Cubby Plastic Lockers Revit Library

03) Family Types: Bradley Revit family models represent thousands of Bradley products. Many Revit families include multiple variations of each Bradley product.

 We define product variations for a single Revit family; one of two ways:

  1. When a Bradley product has 5-6 variations, we build the Family Types directly into the Revit Family.

  2. When a Bradley product has more than 6 variations, we create a Family Type Catalog (*.txt) for those Revit families.

04) Lean Revit Templates: Bradley Revit models are built from custom "lean" Revit family templates that we have designed (200-250K file size)

View Your Revit File Size is Too Big | How Big is Too Big Article

05) Bradley creates each lightweight Revit family from scratch | Not Too Big

  • The majority of Bradley's Revit family file sizes are between 200k-750k, they meet and far exceed the Autodesk SEEK Compliancy requirements.

  • Bradley does NOT import, translate or use solid modeling content from our manufacturing-engineering modeling systems in our Revit family models.

  • Bradley Revit models do NOT include fasteners, washers, nuts or the typical sub-assembly content created within a 3D manufacturing design software.

  • Small Bradley Revit Family File Sizes: Once a Bradley Revit family is built, we use two processes to further reduce file size. Both processes have helped us reduce larger family file sizes by 25-40%.

Bradley Revit Family | Coars-Medium-Fine Settings

Download Hundreds of Bradley Revit Family Components Inside Revit from Autodesk SEEK

06) Revit Families for Architects-Engineers-Contractors-Facility Owners

Bradley Advocate AV90 Revit Family Locker Room Installation

07) Bradley Revit Families are Render-Ready

08) Revit project performance of Bradley models is randomly tested within,

  • 3 Revit design projects that were done completely in Revit and became "built facilities". The Revit project file sizes of these Revit projects range from 100MB to 180MB.

  • a Revit Workset-configured project to verify visibility, project performance and coordination

  • a linked Revit projectto simulate the exchange process between architects, engineers & contractors.

  • Embedded Revit Clearance Box | Revit Interference Detection

09) Dimensional Testing - Interference Checking | Family & Project Files

  • Every Bradley Revit family is dimensionally "flexed" by Bradley engineers; both in the Revit family editor and in a Revit project as a matter of quality control.

  • Clearance Box objects are embedded into many Bradley Revit families. These 3D objects have associated visibility controls. They are designed to assist the designer-contractor with ADA, installation and service clearances.

Uniformat Classification | Omniclass-MasterFormat Titles-Numbers | Revit Family

10) Embedded Industry Standard Metadata

The necessary information for creating construction specifications, phasing of construction processes and linking cost estimates. The following metadata is embedded into each Bradley Revit family:

--- BView Bradley BIM 2.0 | Revit Family Library Model and Embedded Data Update ---

Customer Experience | Bradley Revit Family Components

The architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners that are using Bradley Revit Family Components; provide feedback and suggestions for improved funtionality.

Join the conversation. Download and try Bradley Revit Family Components inside your Revit projects.

Email Bradley your comments, suggestions and Revit project experiences.

Have you used Bradley Revit-BIM families on a Revit design project?

Autodesk has requested Bradley Corporation, one of the largest Revit Family suppliers (Division 10 & 22), to submit several client project stories that used Bradley Revit families.

Perhaps we could feature your company & the design project(s) that used Bradley Revit families in one of our regional, national or global client project communications.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this opportunity.

Bradley Revit Family Download Page

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