Revit Pedestal Bench Family Features Nested Array-Family Catalog

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jun 6, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Download Bradley Revit Pedestal Bench | Locker Room

A Revit Nested Array gives the Bradley Pedestal Bench Revit family the flexibility to display 3 different pedestal placement configurations as the bench is sized to 6 different lengths.

A Revit Family Catalog (*.txt) creates the Revit pedestal bench that has 4 bench widths of, 9-1/2", 12", 18" and 24". The best news, the file size of the Bradley Pedestal Bench Revit family "weighs in" at 350K.

View Bradley Lenox Pedestal Bench Product Page

Visit the Bradley Lenox Pedestal Bench Product Page.

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