How to Insert a Face-Based Revit Family Into a Project | 3 Options

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Aug 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

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Some of the Bradley Revit Family Components are created as Face-Based families, so they will "attach" to wall, floor or ceiling surfaces.

Bradley does NOT create wall, floor or ceiling hosted Revit families. They are either stand-alone (non-hosted) or face-based families.

View\Insert Component Command from the HOME Tab HOME Tab: View\Insert Component Command


Load Revit Family Into Project From INSERT Tab

INSERT Tab: Load Revit Family Into Project

You have 3 Options when you Load/Insert a Bradley Face-Based Revit Family into a Revit Project.

  • Your first and most important consideration, make sure you are in a Plan View.

  • ALL 3 options will display in the Revit Ribbon when you are in a PLAN View and inserting/placing the component.

Revit has 3 Options for Loading Face-Based Families

Select the Revit COMPONENT command and IF the component is a Face-Based Family;

  • these are the 3 OPTIONS that will display in the Revit Ribbon, in the upper right corner of the screen:

 1. Place on Vertical Surface

2. Place on Face (Face Planes of a Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Roof, etc)

3. Place on Work Plane (Place on Active Level or Named Reference Plane)

How do I know if the Revit family is Face-based prior to loading the family into my Revit project?

View-Download Bradley Recessed Diplomat Towere Dispenser and Waste Can

Typically, if you open or view a Face-based Revit Family file in your browser; it will look similar to this.

The "dark gray block"above, provides the surface that we use to create the alignment of the family to one of the three surfaces, that you select when you insert/place the family into the project.

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Visit the Bradley Revit-BIM FAQ Page for additional Revit technical support for Bradley Revit-BIM Family Components.

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