Bradley Sponsors UWM School of Architecture and Urban Design Competition

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 13, 2012 9:34:00 AM

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Bradley Graduate Program Studio Sponsor | Design Competition

On Tuesday December 20th, students from the Intelligent Skins for Intelligent Buildings Design Studio | UWM - School of Architecture & Urban Design presented their class projects in the Bradley Corporation Employee & Visitors Commons.

This is a graduate program sponsored by Bradley Corporation. UWM is one of the top 20 Architecture schools in the country and its students are highly recruited by the top architectural firms.

UWM School of Architecture & Urban Design CompetitionThese young architectural students presented their semester projects that featured sub-projects using Bradley products in their sustainable designs:

  • a carbon footprint of Lenox Lockers,
  • material studies of Terreon and Evero,
  • creating new uses for Frequency and Verge lav systems

The class designs focused on in depth explorations of a buildings 'skin' and how it can work to be more sustainable by capturing light, manipulating natural air flow and creating building and people interactions.

Students' facility designs featured;

  • a room lit by algae,
  • rain gardens,
  • photovoltaic moving screens,
  • indoor helix wind turbines,
  • exterior glass that changes color with the seasons,
  • green walls,
  • gray water systems,
  • automatic shading devices, and more!

Bradley employees had several hours to visit with these technically savvy designers; as they presented the unique value of each of their design solutions.

Gregory D. Thomson, LEED AP, M.S., M.Arch.

Assistant Professor | Co-Director, Institute for Ecological Design

Intelligent Buildings Design Studio | UWM School of Architecture & Urban Design

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