Password Needed Message | Unzip a Bradley Revit Family Zip File Download

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 21, 2012 10:28:56 AM

Password Needed Message for Bradley Revit Family ZIP Files

While Bradley Revit Family ZIP files are not password protected; unzipping a Bradley Revit family ZIP file from a server directory or from a very long directory structure seems to prompt "password needed".

This has been identified as a security message that we see when users try to "unzip" the Bradley Revit Family zip file contents from a server directory location.

This is a very standard security policy that IT departments set to prevent users from running an "executable" from a server location. (i.e. zip extract) .

To avoid this "Password Needed" message;

PRIOR to Downloading and Extracting Bradley Revit Family ZIP files:

  1. Create a directory on your local computer (not on the network) that is immediately off your C: Drive (example: C:\BradleyBIM). Download and unzip the files from this location.
  2. I usually suggest opening and reviewing the Revit Family files that you just downloaded; prior to implementing Step #3.
  3. Next, copy or move the Bradley Revit Family Components to your project and\or company Revit Library.

View Contact Page for Bradley BIM Team | Email or CallIf this does OR doesn't resolve the password message; please email me using our Contact Us Page. Your feedback will help confirm these technical support resolutions are published to our blog for all to benefit.

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