Bradley Revit Toilet Partition Door Angle Parameter Sets 3D Partition Doors

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Oct 11, 2012 7:28:38 AM

Partition Doors Set to 45 Degree Angle | View-Download Bradley Revit Toilet Partition FamiliesThe door angle parameter (Door Opening Angle), in the Bradley Revit toilet partition properties; adjusts the angles for the 3D doors which are visible in 3D views/perspectives.

Bradley Revit Toilet Partition Door Angle Parameter Property

We received numerous requests for this 3D feature; so we added this parameter to all of the Bradley's Revit toilet partitions.

Revit Toilet Room Plan View of Bradley Revit Toilet Partition Models

Currently, the (Door Opening Angle) parameter does NOT adjust the partition's door angle in Plan View.

3D Perspective View of Bradley Revit Toilet Partition for Toilet Room Design

If you are using the Bradley Bradmar (plastic laminate) Revit Toilet Partitions; here's the link to Bradley's Revit Material Catalogs.

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