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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Nov 13, 2012 8:43:47 AM

Get Your Free 4GB Bradley BIM Flash Drive

FREE Bradley BIM Library Flash Drive | 1000 Revit Families

Contact Your Local Bradley Rep Organization for Details*

Obtain Your Free Flash Drive | SEARCH HERE for a Bradley Field Representative Organization Near YouObtain Your Free Flash Drive | SEARCH HERE for a Bradley Field Representative Organization That Serves Your Location.

Go to Bradley BIM Contact Us PagePlease use the Bradley BIM Blog Contact Page, if you have SEARCH questions.

The Free 4GB Flash Drive contains 1GB of Bradley BIM content; including the

  1. Bradley Revit Family Library (Zip File) containing 1000 Bradley Revit Families
  2. Bradley Revit Material library/Catalogs,
  3. Bradley BIM | Revit Resource Link Guide
  4. Bradley BIM Videos,
  5. Bradley BIM Brief | Design Construct Newsletters and a few free items from Autodesk.

View-Download Bradley Revit Family Library

*Limited 4GB flash drive promotion is available only while supplies last and can be terminated without notice

  • +++ Distribution requests are limited to 1 (one) flash drive per company/organization location or per the discretion of field rep organization
  • +++ Offer is limited to commercial and government entity requests only.
  • +++ Commercial, Government and/or Students have free access to download Bradley's Revit Library from our site or through the Autodesk Seek Manufacturers Library.

If you have questions or requests; please use the Bradley BIM Blog Contact Page.

Each pre-built, Bradley Revit model, can typically save a trained and knowledgeable BIM Manager between $150-$250 of labor costs.

Key Costs | Savings for Building Revit Families

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