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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Nov 26, 2012 5:40:58 AM

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GreenBuild Designers Review Bradley Advocate Touchless Hand Washing System

Advocate AV-Series Lavatory | AV-30 Hand Washing SystemGreen Sustainable Savings: Water, Paper, Recycled Material & Space

The Advocate AV-Series hand-washing system provides each user a hands-free touch-less hand-washing space; complete with soap, water and integrated hand-drying.

Advocate Serves as Key Component to Safer-Cleaner Toilet Room Design

The distance that separates the hand-washing area and from the hand-drying area; creates a major liability (risk) from a wet slippery floor for users within a toilet room design. The Advocate's hand-drying system is fully integrated with the hand-washing basin to minimize or eliminate water dripping onto the floor. Providing both a safer and cleaner toilet room design.

View Bradley Advocate AV-Series Hand Washing Stations for Innovative Green Toilet Room Design

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