Revit-BIM Experience Required | Architect –Engineer -Construction Jobs

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 25, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Architect - Engineer - Construction Jobs | Revit Experience Required

Many architectural, engineering and construction job postings; require applicants to have proficient BIM software and project experience with Revit, ArchiCAD, Bentley, or Vectorworks. The BIM skill-set is now in higher demand; then the CAD skill-set.

Here are 3 sites, I personally use and continue to refer to my colleagues; if they are looking for jobs that require Revit experience OR advertising their open Revit job positions.

View LinkedIn Job Search | Professional Networking Site

1) | Jobs Search Page:

LinkedIn is a highly respected, networking portal; with millions of global members from all professions. Post a job, maintain your resume in your profile while searching for jobs or key contacts within the organization you are researching.

Last night, I found 17 Revit-BIM based jobs in LinkedIn Job Search using the keyword "revit". They were posted within the last 24 hours. More than 45 Revit BIM-based jobs were posted in the last 2-7 days. Use the left margin "Filter Tools" to refine the search results. Unlike many job sites; LinkedIn jobs are highly detailed in the job position description.

Another benefit, LinkedIn will also scan your contacts/connections and list possible ways you might leverage your connections to contact or engage in a job's submittal process.

2) | Job Search Page:

I worked as a self-employed, Revit Implementation Expert and Consultant from June 2009 until May 2012. not only provided me an ongoing list of potential job offerings, but also provided me several national consulting projects. I set several "job email alerts" using 2-3 keyword search terms. Each morning, I still receive job postings in my email box.

3) Autodesk Educational | Student Website:

The Autodesk Educational website has been a source for Revit self-learning.

Granted, you may not be a student to qualify for the free Student Versions of Autodesk Software. However, review the free Autodesk BIM Curriculum/Tutorials posted on the Autodesk Education site.

Remember, you can download the full Autodesk Revit commercial software, install and run it in a 30-day trial mode on your computer. The 30-day Trial allows you to Save & Print your Revit files) At the end of the 30-day Trial, Revit can still be run in DEMO mode. However, in this mode; you can continue practicing in Revit (tutorials) but you will no longer be able Save & Print your Revit files.

Three (3) Additional Job Search Sites I've used with college graduates; that earned them interviews with national employers. Consider using their phone apps for daily job search updates.

Zip Recruiter


Career Builder

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