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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Aug 30, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Efficient Revit Family Design Minimizes VOIDS to Reduce Revit Family File Size

The efficient use of Revit VOIDS will minimize your Revit family file size. Bradley Revit Library (1,000 Revit Families) reduces both the number of voids and the size of the voids in our Revit families.

Its been my experience, that Extrusions (solids and voids) produce a smaller Revit family file sizes; when compared to using of Sweeps and Revolves.

Efficient Revit Family Design Embeds VOIDS Into Extrusion to Reduce Revit Family File

I recommend incorporating the Revit Voids within the extrusion as "closed loops"; within the "extrusion's closed loop". This avoids the creation of individual VOIDS; that need to be Cut from the solid extrusion.

Efficient Revit Family Design Embeds VOIDS Into Extrusion to Reduce Revit Family File

Consider using VOID Extrusions to efficiently sculpt your Revit family model.

Over-sized Extrusions increase the Revit family file size.


For example, if the void is penetrating 1/2" of material, use a void that is 5/8" to 3/4" deep. Excessively deep voids create larger Revit family file sizes.


Efficient Revit Family Design - Minimize VOID Extrusion Depth to Reduce Revit Family File

  1. Use the extrusion's grips and stretch the void to a smaller depth OR

  2. Edit the Depth, Extrusion End or Extrusion Start Values in the Void Extrusion Properties Dialogue box.

Efficient Revit Family Design - Edit VOID Extrusion Depth to Reduce Revit Family File

Use these same procedures for creating Revit In-Place Families in the Revit Project.

Revit In-Place Family Best Practices to Minimize Project File Size - Revit Voids

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