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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jun 27, 2018 7:25:00 AM

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Download the Bradley Revit Lavatory - Sink Library; for the Bradley Verge LVL-Series Natural Quartz Lavatory System. The LVL provides the potential solution for fulfilling the Enhanced Reach Accessibility Requirement.

The 2009 ICC/ANSI Standards require that soap dispenser controls and faucets that serve certain accessible lavatories - larger restrooms determined by scoping such as IBC as to require an enhanced reach range - need to be installed with a reach depth of 11 inches  (280mm) maximum.

7 Emerging Trends for Accessible Restroom-Locker Room Design

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Download the Verge Lavatory System | 3-Part Specifications for the Verge LVL Lavatory System.


The Bradley Verge Lavatory LVL-Series Product Library features a 1, 2 or 3-station model.

  • All 4 Verge Product Line Series (LVL, LVG, LVS and LVR) are designed using Bradley's patented molding process for the solid surface material; Evero Natural Quartz.

  • Bradley features their exclusive process for creating elliptical, parabolic and curved surfaces using solid surface materials.

View Product Page | 3-Station Verge LVL Series Lavatory System

View-Download 3-Station Verge LVL Series Lavatory System - Revit Family

View Product Page | 2-Station Verge VLD Series Lavatory System | Revit Family

View-Download 2-Station Verge LVL Series Lavatory System | Revit Family

View Product Page | Single-Station Verge VLD Series Lavatory System

View-Download Single-Station Verge LVL Series Lavatory System | Revit Family


Bradley Evero Natural Quartz Engineered Stone Material Options

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