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Steven Shell - Architect | Revit Speaker - Central States Revit Workshop | 2013 Autodesk UniversityTips and Tricks to Make Your Autodesk® Revit® Drawings and Presentations Look Great!

Steven Shell's CSRW Revit Class used story-telling and project images to demonstrate; how easy it is to take your Revit project presentations; from ordinary to memorable.

"Remember, when "pitching" your designs to a client -- keep it simple for you, but make the visualization extraordinary for them. Make things POP visually!

Help the client visualize your ideas for their project. Provide them with a memorable experience of you and your design proposal. It helps your work "stand-out" during the competitive and sometimes "crowded" proposal process."

 Great Revit Classes - Congratulation Central States Revit Workshop - Omaha NE | Revit User Groups

For Steven, the marketing + proposal process is just the beginning.

He demonstrated several Revit features; that help his design drawings to "read better" (standout) throughout the course of the project. From design option presentations, into construction drawings and contract administration documents.

In the days of hand-drawing and CAD -- we used hand sketching techniques like multiple line-widths, line-types, hatch or poche', color and shading. It helped emphasize or de-emphasize elements in our construction detailing, floor plans, elevations, sections, casework drawings and overlaid consultant drawings.

He demonstrated how to make Revit presentations "POP" for his consultants, contractors and facility owners -- without using Revit rendering or Adobe Photoshop .

Here are just 5 basic features (from my 4-pages of notes) --from Steven's CSRW class; that were applied to this interior Revit Project View:

  1. Turn On Ambient Shadows in Hidden Line View

  2. Add Background Image to Hidden Line View

  3. Apply Graphic Override to Individual Element

  4. Apply Graphic Override to Category

  5. Switch Hidden Line View to Realistic View

This is a storyboard of a 5-minute process; that transformed my standard, Revit hidden-line Camera View --to a Revit Realistic View.

Remember all Element or Category Graphics Overrides are View-Specific. Some View parameters can be stored in a Revit View Template --and applied to other views.

Revit Hidden Line View

Standard Revit Hidden Line Perspective View

Graphic Display Options > Shadows > Show Ambient Shadows

Revit Graphic Display Options Menu >Shadows > Show Ambient Shadows

Graphic Display Options Menu >Shadows > Show Ambient Shadows

Revit Hidden Line Ambient Shadow

Revit Hidden Line Perspective View With Ambient Shadows Turned ON

Revit Hidden Line  with Ambient Shadows and Background Image

Revit Hidden Line View - Added Background Image via Graphic Display Options

Edit Revit Door - Override Graphics in View Element

Revit View Specific Element Graphics Override to Element | Select Door \ Right Click

Revit Select All Instances |  Planters | Apply Overrride Graphics in View - Element


Select All Instances of Planter (in view) | Set Graphics Override to Element(s)

Revit Select All Instances | Applied Override Graphics in View to Selected ElementsRevit Select all Instances and apply override graphics to elements in view - columnsRevit Realistic View

Set Graphic Display Options from Hidden Line to Realistic View

Steven Shell - Architect-Revit Educational Speaker | ArizonaSteven is providing a 2013 Autodesk University Class. Registration opens September 12, 2013. You can connect with Steven Shell on LinkedIn.

Steven Shell (architect) has a music career --check out his band site; Shell Shock for his classical rock guitar talents.

Personally, Steven provided one of the most entertaining and educational classes I've taken in while.

View Autodesk University (AU) 2013 | Las Vegas Website

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