Why BIM-VDC Managers Train and Support With Video

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jun 7, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Why Revit BIM-VDC Managers Train and Support With Video

How many "easy questions" do BIM Managers receive from their staff; that can be answered with a simple 1-2 sentence answer?

These questions provide BIM Managers with "Teachable Moments" for their staff or "Moments of Learning" for both staff and the BIM Manager.


I can assure you --staff members will be back to ask the same questions for future projects. New staff  members will have the same questions or variations of similar situations.

Repetition is how we ALL learn.

So, if "Time is Money"; you can't afford to waste the time of your staff, the project, the company and/or your own daily schedule.

Proactively building a Revit video library of short 2-4 minute support and training videos; will help save everyone's time.

Create videos to answer common process-based questions. It puts the BIM Manager in control of their time; while delivering on-demand self-learning & technical support.

For camera-shy BIM Managers, you don't need to use cameras or be on camera.


Since 2008, I've used the screen recording software, Camtasia Studio and SnagIt from TechSmith for creating my Revit technical support and training videos.

Camtasia records your mouse movements on your computer screen; while you are using a feature or performing a process in the application software (Revit, Excel, AutoCAD).

It also records your voice as you explain and train on a short procedure.

Once you complete the recording, save the recorded screen-capture to a Camtasia project file.

Next, select the "Produce and Share" command to create a video file in Windows (AVI\WMV) or MAC (MP4) video formats. Consider the following tips and procedures to use, store and protoect your video content.


Store your published video files in your company training and support library for future use as...

  • Lunch and Learns Content

  • Answers for In-House Technical Support

  • In-House Training Classes

  • Self-Serve Training Library & Office Standards Procedures

  • Self-Serve Technical Support & Office Standards

Organize and store your videos in short, descriptive folder names that use hyphens instead of spaces.

Organize and store your videos in short, descriptive folder names; that use hyphens or underscore charactors  instead of spaces.

Folder Name Examples:

  • Revit_Dimensioning_Procedures

  • Revit-Selection-Tips

  • How_to_Insert_Revit_Families

Video files names use the same procedure.

Video Name Examples:

  • Revit-Continuous-Dimensioning.avi

  • Revit-Zoom-Pan-Tips.mp4

  • Revit_Object_Visibility_On_Off_Controls.wmv

Intellectual Property Watermark

Camtasia provides a procedure to Insert a custom Watermark (company logo) in every frame of your video recording when it is processed. This insures the company videos are identified as company, copyrighted intellectual property.

Camtasia can publish your videos to multiple video formats, including HD resolutions for for both Windows and Mac. This is includes special settings and screen sizes for mobile devices. (phones, tablets, Apple, Android, etc)

Recording Tips:

  1. Keep your video-audio snippets short (2-4 minutes),

  2. If it exceeds 4 minutes, you maybe covering too many topics in one video

  3. As the software changes, your shorter videos will be easier to update.

  4. Create longer videos using Camtasia to splice 5 videos into one video--mix and match

  5. Your videos are "tiny topics" that are more easily learned and retained.

  6. Avoid clearing your throat and saying Um-ms or Ah-hhs. Keep a glass of water nearby.

  7. Avoid using a monotone voice or speaking too fast. Learn to vary your tone of voice.

  8. Use short concise sentences and well placed use of 'pauses' to keep listeners engaged.

Go To Free 30 Day Trial Software (Fully Functional) of Camtasia web page

TechSmith offers a Free 30 Day Trial Software (Fully Functional) of Camtasia --giving you plenty of time to create a few videos.

TechSmith provides a full page of Camtasia Learning Tutorials to assist you with your software review.

View Camtasia Tutorials from TechSmith


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Now --How many process-based questions do BIM Managers receive daily; that typically require a series of short answers, explanations and demonstration?

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