My First 5 Revit Family Manufacturer Content Websites

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM

View Andersen Windows-Doors Revit Model Library

Andersen Windows - Revit models were my first exposure to a Building Product Manufacturer (BPM) supporting the Revit - BIM process.

For several years I implemented clients' Autodesk ADT \ Autodesk Architectural Desktop -- with almost no BPM support. Basically, we had to create all of our BPM content for Desktop...which limited our implementations.

When I installed Revit 4.0 in 2002 and saw Andersen Windows Revit families, it grabbed my attention. A manufacturer supporting Revit!

The Andersen Window families shipped with Revit software and were included in the sample library.

Autodesk then moved the Andersen Revit families to what is currently the online Archived Revit Content Library. When Autodesk obtained the Manufacturers' Revit Library; they transitioned the site content into today's Autodesk Seek.

 Autodesk Seek | Bradley Corporation Revit Family Library

As Revit software evolved, Autodesk Seek was incorporated into the Revit software; as a convenient BPM Search Engine to Find and Download BPM Revit models.

Revit Implementations Value BPM Model Content

Integrating BPM Revit content into our clients' Revit implementations was an important cost saving process. We minimized our library modeling costs to setup our clients' standard Revit library and kick-start their first "Revit pilot project".

Looking back --Here are links to the 5 BPMs; that offered significant, pre-built Revit family content to kick-start my clients’ Revit implementations and library standards. 

Woodwork Institute Revit Cabinet - Millwork Family Library

Woodwork Institute Cabinet Libraries - 7 Libraries with 238 cabinet types


View - Dowload Visa Lighting Revit Library

VISA Lighting -Visa's 1st Revit Library featured 100s of lighting fixtures


USG DesignStudio | Revit Wall \ Ceiling \ Floor Selector Family Tools

USG Wall \ Ceiling Systems - Hundreds of Revit Wall \ Ceiling System Families

USG DesignStudio | Revit Wall Selector Family Tool


Kawneer Curtain Wall - Door Revit Family Library

Kawneer Curtain Wall Systems - Pre-built Revit Curtain Wall Systems


AcuityBrands Revit Lighting Family Library

Acuity Lighting - Huge Revit library of fluorescent\incandescent light fixtures


Building your BPM model library has become easier and less costly than it was only 5 years ago -- as BPMs are stepping up to support the design + construction community's major workflow process, BIM.

My \ Our thanks to these early innovators for seeing the time-saving value of providing their products in a Revit-BIM format.

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Download Complete Bradley Revit Family Library – Download All Options - 1000 Revit Family ModelsDownload Complete Bradley Revit Family Library (1000 Families) – Download All Options

Download Bradley Revit Family Library From Autodesk Seek Building Product Manufacturer Revit Library

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