Bradley BIM 2.0 | Revit Family Library Update Available

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 17, 2016 7:40:00 AM


Rachel Hughes, Revit\BIM Support Technician (paid summer intern) --has been piloting our Bradley BIM 2.0 Revit Library Update.


Summer 2014 launched the Bradley BIM 2.0 - Revit Library Update. Major portions of the Bradley Revit Library (1,000 Revit Families) were optimized and revised.


Rachel Hughes, Revit\BIM Support Technician (paid summer internship) has been piloting our Bradley BIM 2.0 Revit Library Updates. She cataloged each family's edits in our Standards Spreadsheet and authored new editing processes for our Revit Handbook.

More than 350 Bradley Revit families had their their visibility settings optimized.

--- Revit Project Performance | Revit Family File Size vs Family Visibility Settings ---

Currently, over 750 Bradley Revit models were given new parameters, old parameters were updated or deleted -and all 750 models were Revit project-tested.

This summarizes the Bradley BIM 2.0 updates; that we'll begin uploading to the Bradley Revit Library during September 2014.

New embedded Bradley BIM Shared Parameters are designed to assist BIM \ VDC and FM Managers with:

  •  Revit Model Data Collection & Management,
  • Scheduling & Tagging,
  • Design & Specification and
  • Operations & Maintenance processes.

--- Bradley Revit Family Secrets | LOD – Level of Development ---

New Bradley Shared Parameters List:

  • OmniClass Table 21 | Title (National Standard – 2012-05-16)

  • OmniClass Table 21 | Number (National Standard – 2012-05-16)

  • OmniClass Table 23 | Title (National Standard – 2012-05-16)

  • OmniClass Table 23 | Title (National Standard – 2012-05-16)

  • Model Version: Contains model version number (for family inventory schedules)

  • Tech Data URL: Contains a Product’s Bradley Tech Data URL (Permalink) (English & Spanish)

  • Specifications URL: Bradley’s 3-Part Specification URL (MasterSpec Format)

  • Manufacturer Revit Model URL: Contains Manufacturer URL of Revit Model for future updates

  • Manufacturer Installation URL – English: Contains Manufacturer URL for product installation

Revit Project Testing = Bradley Commitment to Revit Family Quality Control

Bradley BIM 2.0 revisions have been applied to 750+ Bradley Revit families --which contained thousands of Bradley Revit Family Types; representing 1,000s of Bradley products.

--- Revit Reference Planes Define ADA-Installation Mounting Heights-Clearances ---

More than 130 Revit project files (RVT) have been created \ saved to test & catalog complete Bradley Product Revit family groups --in a project environment.

Which means each Bradley Revit family and family types' --

  1. orthographic views (plan, front, right) are validated for Coarse, Medium & Fine

  2. shared parameters functionality were verified via Revit tagging & schedules and

  3. reference planes functionality were project tested via dimensioning in each view.

--- Revit Schedules – Tags | Bradley Revit Family Parameter Testing Process ---

Basically, each family is being tested against Bradley's 12-Point Revit Family QA Process.

My thanks to John Grady, Virtual Construction Director at CRB Builders , Van Woods & the US Army Corps of Engineers' BIM Practice Team & Their Private Industry BIM Experts for our OmniClass discussions --that led to the inclusion of Table 21 Title + Number Shared Parameters.

Revit 2012 is the base Revit version for our BIM 2.0 update to support Revit (2012-2015) projects.

--- Key Costs & Processes for Building Revit Families ---

Our sincere thanks to the global community of architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators and owners for your input (emails, calls, Rep site visits, case studies) on what you need and how you are using the Bradley BIM Library.

We completed uploading The Bradley BIM 2.0 Revit Library Updates to our main Revit Library in late October 2014. Our Bradley Autodesk Seek Library, Bradley MODLAR Revit Library and Bradley ARCAT Revit Library updates will occur during the remainder of 2014.

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