Thank You Autodesk University 2014 Clients - Attendees - Instructors

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Dec 8, 2014 10:11:41 AM

Autodesk University (AU) 2014 | Las Vegas | Bradley BIM

Bradley Corporation and I would like to thank the hundreds of Autodesk University 2014 attendees; that stopped at Bradley's AU 2014 Exhibit Desk to pick up your free Bradley BIM flash drives, introduce yourselves and/or review the Bradley BIM Initiative.

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My personal thanks to the dozens of folks; that are mutual LinkedIn connections; that stopped --its always great to meet individuals face-to-face.

Bradley BIM Exhibit Desk | Autodesk University 2014

Like most of you; I attended AU classes between our exhibit booth hours.

--- Revit \ BIM Manages Construction Site Assets and Safety | AU2014 Classes ---

My 14 AU2014 classes focused on

  1. BIM Futures and Building Design Trends,
  2. BIM for Prefabrication,
  3. BIM for Owners (Construction and FM)
  4. BIM for Contractors (Field Technology Integration)
  5. BIM for Design (BIM Project & Team Management)
  6. Revit Model Development & Standards
  7. Reality Computing and Managing Revit Data Connections.
  8. Lean Construction & Last Planner Processes
  9. Navisworks & BIM 360 Glue for Coordination & Construction
  10. Successful Case Studies featuring Revit, Cloud & Data Management 3rd Party Add-Ins

Personal Thanks from Bradley and Me!

I \ Bradley appreciate the time you took to stop during your Autodesk University visits.

Bradley BIM Articles

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Download Bradley Revit Family Library From Autodesk Seek Building Product Manufacturer Revit Library

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