Visit Keltech AHR Expo Booth #2065 | Chicago Jan 26-28 | Revit Model Library

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jan 26, 2015 4:49:10 AM

Visit Keltech 2015 AHR Expo Booth 2065 in Chicago January 26-28

Keltech Incorporated, a Subsidiary of Bradley is featuring the Keltech Commercial Tankless water heater models for Geo-Thermal, Solar Water Heating and several other commercial applications in Booth #2065 at the 2015 AHR Expo in Chicago, January 26-28 2015.

The Keltech Revit Model Library is located in the Bradley Revit Library (1,000 models).

geothermal_water_building_heating_Walkthrough2 solar_water_building_heating_walkthrough2Bradley BIM for Prefabrication

SysQue for Revit for MEP HVAC and Plumbing Prefabrication AutoCAD Fabrication for MEP HVAC and Plumbing Prefabrication

In early 2015, Bradley TMV, re-circulation mixing stations, dialysis boxes and shower valve Revit models will be configured & available –to serve both

  • SysQue (Revit) [AHR Booth #3046]and
  • CADmep (AutoCAD) [AHR Booth #3144] for plumbing fabrication clients.

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