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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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McGraw-Hill BIM Report | Measuring the Impact of BIM on Complex Buildings

BIM Report Contributors: 391 owners, architects, engineers and contractors indicated they had a moderate to high level knowledge on the use of BIM within their organization.

  1. 40 Owners

  2. 183 Architects

  3. 68 Engineers

  4. 100 General Contractors


However, by 2015, many companies have gained deep experience with the use of BIM. Therefore, we believe the time has come to take the critical next step in the research and to establish the specific level of impact BIM has on 10 types of design and construction activities.

To do so, we asked respondents to quantify the positive impact of BIM for six specific metricsthat could be measured in terms of percentage of improvement. The research focuses specifically on complex projects because they offer the best opportunity to experience the powerful benefits BIM provides.

These 10 Activities of Planning, Design and Construction defined the real Impact of BIM on Key Outcomes for Complex Projects:

  1. BIM Impact on Owner Engagement and Understanding

  2. BIM Impact on Design

  3. BIM Impact on Documentation and Constructability

  4. BIM Impact on Estimating and Bidding

  5. BIM Impact on Construction Phasing and Logistics

  6. BIM Impact on Contractors' Understanding of Design Intent

  7. BIM Impact on Cost Control and Reduction

  8. BIM Impact on Schedule and Project Duration

  9. BIM Impact on Unplanned Changes, Rework and Out-of-Sequence Work

  10. BIM Impact on Labor, Safety and Material Waste

6 Metrics for the Impact of BIM on Complex Projects

  • Percentage Reduction of Final Construction Cost

  • Percentage of Accelerated Project Completion Due to Schedule Compression

  • Percentage of RFI Reduction

  • Percentage Reduction in Number of Reportable Safety Incidents

  • Percentage Reduction of Site Labor Due to Increased Offsite Fabrication

  • Forecasting the Future Impact of BIM on Key Project Outcomes

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