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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 11, 2016 5:14:00 AM

View 2015 BIMFORUM Orlando Presentation Videos and PDF Download Webpage

Forty videos and PDF downloads are posted on the Fall 2015 BIMForum Presentations Page from their October event in Orlando, Florida.

Hours of video and dozens of PDF presentation-class documents are available for your BIM Manager monthly BIM-Revit Lunch-N-Learns.

Visit The BIMForum YouTube Video Channel to access hundreds of hours of video content for business, project and BIM standards planning and training.

BIM Level-Of-Development (LOD) was highlighted within several presentations. Those presentations providing LOD are bold-faced in the list below. I admit, I haven't listened to all the presentations on this list --as they were released 2 weeks ago. I'll update the boldfaced list of LOD presentations once I review them all.


 2015 Fall BIMForum Class Presentation Topics | Videos and PDFs

  1. BIM/VDC for Precon at Ledcor

  2. Optimizing Project Decision Making with VDC

  3. Designers Taking Back Control of BIM Design Coordination

  4. How BIM Impacts the Structural Steel Fabrication Business

  5. A PDF Does Not Equal Paper How the PDF Revolution is Advancing BIM Workflows

  6. BIM before BIM’s

  7. Owner Actions to Define Transparency in the Model-based Design Process

  8. BIM Utilization Effectiveness – How We Became Effective BIM Producers While Driving Innovation Forward

  9. Organizational Modules: Studying the Effects of Organizational Repetitions Using QCA

  10. Taking Control of the Game – An Exploration of Virtual Reality and Gaming Workflows

  11. Building Blocks in your BXP: BIM-M Initiative

  12. Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems

  13. Precast and BIM

  14. Laser focus on accuracy in BXP: USIBD LOA & LOD

  15. BIM Legal and Insurance Issues

  16. Raising the Roof with your BXP: Steel Joist and Deck

  17. Building Quality in your BXP: NISD CM-BIM by David Merrifield (NISD)

  18. AEC Supply Chain Optimization – Building Information Modeling for Improved Productivity and Content Management for Off-Site Prefabrication in a Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Facility Retrofit Environment

  19. 4D > 3D Model + Schedule

  20. Preconstruction in Construction: Managing Change in a Billion Dollar Hospital

  21. LOD Update

  22. Live Cost Modeling & Production Analytics with BIM

  23. Constructible Design: Merging Design, Detailing and Coordination to Mitigate Risk and Create Predictable Outcomes

  24. Managing Design as an Information Supply Chain



International BIMForum Presentations

  1. BIM Issues and Value Analysis on the new HQ Construction project of Korea Land & Housing Corporation

  2. Beyond the Myth, the Way of Kajima

  3. A Danish General Contractors Perspective on VDC Design Management

  4. Improved VDC Workflow: Lessons Learned from Italian Case Studies

View 2015 BIMFORUM Orlando Presentation Videos and PDF Download Webpage

The BIM process and successful adjacent processes, such as, Lean & Green Construction, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Design-Build, and Modular Prefabrication are presented from our peers; that have successfully executed these processes.

This is current, credible, continued education content. Give it your review, share it with your team and then integrate what you've learned into your processes.

Fall 2015 BIMForum Presentations Page

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