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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 11, 2016 6:20:00 AM

Visit the BIMFORUM LOD Specifications Page to download the current and last few releases of the LOD Specifications. (links are located near the bottom of page)

Fabrication and Level-Of-Development: When to Draw the Line(and Where to Model It) was one of the 12 classes I attended at Autodesk University 2015.

Will Ikerd, PE highlighted four new BIM Level-Of-Development (LOD) topics from the team authoring the BIMFORUM LOD Specifications:

  • New 2015 LOD Spec Available for download. (see below)
  • New LOD 350 Specification
  • Definition of when to specify and recommended use of LOD 350
  • New Course Certification Program: Certificate of Detailing in BIM (CD-BIM)

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Visit the BIMFORUM LOD Specifications Page to download the current and last few releases of the LOD Specifications. (links are located near the bottom of page)


 Download BIMFORUM LOD Specifications Here:

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AU 2015 Class Description:

  1. Discover model element Level Of Development (LOD) for design

  2. Discover what the AGC BIM Forum LOD Specification 2014 is and how you can use it to address LOD in projects

  3. Discover how the LOD Specification can be used with Design and Construction Teams to lower risk

  4. Discover why LOD discussions are crucial early on in a project

This presentation will provide an in-depth discussion of fabrication and Level Of Development (LOD) from the 2015 Associated General Contractors (AGC) Building Information Modeling (BIM) Forum LOD Specification.

It will address model elements at the different stages in a building lifecycle: design, construction, and ownership. The framework of the discussion will consider the LOD Specification that defines models on a scale of 100 to 500 with a particular focus of LOD 350, which the speaker originally authored and introduced to the LOD Specification committee.

The content will discuss how architects, mechanical engineers, construction managers, subcontractors, and fabricators use structural element models. This will demonstrate how you can use the newly issued LOD Specification to define team expectations of what should be modeled. We will show practical examples of model detail issues, along with effective approaches to resolve the challenges using the LOD Specification as an early BIM planning tool.

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  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-01.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-02.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-03.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-04.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-05.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-07.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-08.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-09.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-10.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-11.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-12.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-14.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-15.jpg
  • BIMFORUM-Level-Of-Development-LOD-Specification-AGC-AIA-AU2015-16.jpg


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