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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 9, 2016 4:28:00 AM

Register to Download BIM Advancements | McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Brief | 30-Page Report

 Register to Download BIM Advancements | McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Brief | 30-Page Report

Download 2015 30-page BIM Report:

McGraw-Hill BIM SmartMarket Brief | BIM Advancements No.1

SmartMarket Brief: BIM Advancements Series focuses on the perspectives of the largest architects, engineers and contractors on 3 critical topics:

  1. how they measure their success with BIM,

  2. how models are developed specifically for construction/fabrication, and

  3. how information mobility is leveraged to improve efficiency and productivity.

BIM Success Factors

This research provides insight into the percentage impact of BIM on 6 key project outcome metrics, and the frequency and value of 10 project factors that influence success with BIM.

It also identifies the frequency and negative impact of 6 obstacles to BIM effectiveness and the 4 most important success factors for BIM.

  • Key Findings

  • Impact on Outcomes

  • Success Drivers

  • Obstacles to Success 

  • Top BIM Success Factors 

 Construction Modeling

This research provides insight into the frequency and value of seven types of 7 types of construction models produced by trade contractors, and 6 key uses for construction models on projects. It also identifies which parties are most frequently authoring construction models for specific uses.

This portion of the study focuses on the developing practice of construction modeling, specifically by examining which types of contractors are producing models for what uses and how much value they are providing to improve project processes and outcomes.

  • Key Findings

  • Modeling by Trade Contractors

  • Uses for Construction Models

  • Authoring Construction Models

 Informationon Mobility

This research provides insight into current and future uses of various modes of sharing information, the most important past and future improvements to information mobility, and the project benefits it provides.

  • Key Findings

  • Current and Future Usage

  • Improvements

  • Benefits

Demographics & Project Analytics

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