Bradley BIM-Revit AIA-CES\RCEP Class | Wed Oct 12 | Phoenix AZ

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Oct 5, 2016 4:59:43 PM

VIEW The Event in AZ Sponsored by PIR Sales featuring AIA-CES \ RCEP Accredited BIM Class

Bradley BIM is launching a new AIA-CES \ RCEP Accredited BIM Class in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday October 12, 2016 for our Bradley sales partner, PIR Sales, Chandler AZ.


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Food Catered

Network with Industry Leaders

Manufacture Showcase

Skilled Activities

CEU Accredited  Presentations

Product Knowledge

Functional Product Displays

Prize Raffles


The Event in AZ Event Page has a CEU Registration Email to register for any of the for the four (4) CEU classes that will be given throughout the day.

Bradley's AIA-CES class is also registered with the Registered Continued Education Program (RECP).The class offers Professional Development Hour(s) (PDH) to RECP Members.


Registered Continued Education Program (RECP) |

The Event in AZ | CEU Class Schedule


Digital vs Thermostatic mixing valves


The impact of plumbing on bathroom design


BIM Execution Plans: Steps to Achieving Revit  Level-Of-Development (LOD) Goals


Understanding hot water, energy use and  System efficiencies in high use facilities


BIM Execution Plans | Steps to Achieving Revit Level-Of-Development (LOD) Goals

Objective 1
List 10 steps for creating quality Revit family models for a Revit library and understand how to set up Revit model components for various Levels-of-Development (LOD).

Objective 2
Utilize the Top 10 Standards Checklist for conducting Model Quality Assurance when creating or editing existing pre-built Revit family models.

Objective 3
Identify tested techniques for Performance-based Revit modeling; that provide “lightweight” models (file size) with optimized visibility settings to improve Revit project performance.

Objective 4
Identify BIM\VDC Manager cost-saving techniques and procedures for managing & harvesting Revit families and standards from completed Revit projects.

Stop by The Event in AZ Event Page for additional event information and/or use the CEU Registration Email to register for any of the for the four (4) CEU classes..

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