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Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 6, 2016 9:45:40 AM

Bradley BIM Basics for Toilet Room Design | May 2016 Construction Specifier |  AIA Convention Edition (Page 84-94)

Bradley's article 'BIM for Toilet Room, Washroom and Locker Room Design' has now published in the May 2016 Construction Specifier |  AIA Convention Edition (Page 84-94

The Construction Specifier May 2016 | Bradley BIM for Toilet Room, Washroom, and Locker Room Design

The article quickly summarizes the five (5) current design, engineering and construction BIM process fundamentals; that are actively used for designing and constructing buildings.

If you're not using BIM processes; this introductory section serves as base knowledge for the 8 evolving BIM proceses; that are detailed in the next section.

1) The BIM Bench

2) BIM All-in-One File

3) BIM...All-for-One

4) BIM Projects Dependent On Building Product Manufacturer Content

5) BIM is Not a Silo


The article isolates a summary of 8 BIM-dependent processes; that are utilized for the design and construction of Toilet Room, Washroom and Locker Room Design.

1) BIM Design\Construction Documentation

2) Free BIM Visualization

3) Advantages with BIM-assisted Specification Writing

4) ADA and Code-Checking

5) MEP Engineering

6) MEP & Toilet Room Pre-fabrication

7) Project Cost-Estimating and Building Product Procurement

8) Commissioning, As-built Documentation and Facility O&M


For your convenience; the Construction Specifier online magazine; provides a printing option to select pages and print the article to your printer (hard copy or PDF print driver)

Print a PDF version of the Bradley BIM CS article:

BIM for Toilet Room, Washroom and Locker Room Design | Construction Specifier - May 2016


Our thanks to The Construction Specifier for the opportunity to provide a BIM education article for their members and readers.

We also extend our thanks to the hundreds of architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners; that continue to share their BIM-Revit model and data requirements for their projects. Many of their shared BIM experiences were documented in our article.

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