Bradley BIM e-SPECS for Revit Begins 5th Year Commitment

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 1, 2016 9:32:53 AM

 e-SPECS Building Product Manufacturer Program

Bradley Corporation creator of the Bradley 1000+ Revit Family Library begins it's 5th year with the e-SPECS Building Product Manufacturer (BPM) Program on April 1, 2016.

Bradley specifications debuted in e-SPECS starting with the June 2012 Update to e-SPECS subscribers. 

e-SPECS for Revit automates the process of creating specification documents integrated with Autodesk Revit-based applications. e-SPECS for Revit includes the e-SPECS Binding Manager to link Revit families to your specification master automatically. This includes filtering the sections based on the families and parameters in the BIM Model.  

e-SPECS Construction Specifications for Revit

 e-SPECS Construction Specifications for Revit

  • Seamless integration & synchronization of BIM drawings with specifications
  • Select a Revit family & view linked specs
  • View the entire Division Tree of specifications, project notes & project files in the e-SPECS Revit Browser
  • Filter & edit master guide specs with the e-SPECS Checklist and Editor
  • Generate project specific keynotes to ensure accuracy
  • Automatically create Outline Reports and TOC’s in Revit before editing in e-SPECS
  • Customize style guides, H/F and TOC in e-SPECS for Revit
  • Run the e-SPECS Validation Reporting Console to ensure consistency between specs and the model
  • See Drawing Reconciliation Reports to get a complete overview of all the drawing elements that resulted in project specification sections
  • Review the history of your specification sections to see when and why it was included in the project
  • Markup the specs by collaborating with your specifier and other team members in e-SPECS Desktop, included with every e-SPECS for Revit license

e-SPECS Construction Specifications for Navisworks

e-SPECS Construction Specifications for Navisworks

Bradley’s Revit Library integration with e-SPECS expands Bradley’s existing commitment to provide Revit-assisted construction specification tools.

Bradley currently provides downloadable 3-Part Specifications (MS Word, HTML and PDF) and support of Arcom’s MasterSpec guide specifications.

--- Want Specifications With Your Bradley Revit Models? ---

Bradley’s 3-part specifications, our expanded listings in MasterSpec and the Bradley 1000+ Revit Family Library will integrate with e-SPECS specification solutions.

In addition to the e-SPECS longtime support of MasterSpec, it also supports US Dept VA, Canadian Specs (CMS and NMS), BPM specs, and custom owner and design firm master specifications that integrates with Autodesk's AutoCAD, Revit and Navisworks applications.

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