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Bradley Revit-BIM FAQ

Bradley Revit-BIM (FAQs)

The Bradley Revit Family Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page

Bradley BIM 2.0 | Revit Family Library Update Available

Bradley Revit technical support content on this page, is referenced from several documented sources.

  1. Bradley Revit-BIM Technical Support: Design, construction and owner calls, emails and blog comments provide regular technical support inquiries. Links to the answers to the most common Revit family questions are posted below.

  2. Bradley BIM Blog Articles

  3. Revit-BIM Best Practices / Industry Standards utilized by the Bradley BIM Team for the creation of The Bradley Revit Family Component Library.

 Download the single-page Bradley Revit-BIM Resource Links Handout to take full advantage of ALL the Bradley BIM online resources.

Download Bradley BIM Revit Library Resource Links Guide-Handout

Visit the Bradley Product pages from which the Bradley Revit Family Library was built.

Revit FAQ List of Technical Support Questions for Using Bradley Revit Family Library Components

01) What design criteria has Bradley used for creating the Bradley Revit family components?

Bradley Revit-BIM Family Quality Standards | Top 10 FAQs

02) How does Bradley test Revit family components' dimensional accuracy and family types' stability for Revit project files?

Bradley BIM Team Targets Biggest Revit Family Quality Concerns

03) What levels of detail are modeled into Bradley Revit family components?

Bradley Revit Family Components Feature Coarse-Medium-Fine Detail Levels

04) What versions of Revit does the Bradley Revit Library support?

Bradley Revit models were originally created and saved in Revit 2009. However, they are now typically 2012 and 2013 format.

They have been tested for use in both Revit Architecture and Revit MEP.

05) Why does my Bradley Revit Family File (RFA) download with a TXT File? How do I use this file?

How do I load a Revit Family that has a Revit Catalog?

06) How can I fix the "File Name or File Path Is Too Long" error message when I download and try to extract a Family Download from the Bradley Revit Library?

An Easy Fix for the Revit Family Download-Extract Error Message – "File Name or File Path Is Too Long"

07) I am using Revit 2012; how can I use the Bradley Revit Families that are currently saved as Revit 2009?

Update Bradley Revit-BIM Family Components to current Revit version

08) How do I insert a Bradley Revit Face-based Family into my Revit Project?

How to Insert a Face-Based Revit Family In a Project | 3 Options

09) Which factor impacts the performance of my Revit project, Revit family file size or Revit family visibility settings?

Revit Project Performance | Revit Family File Size vs Family Visibility Settings

10) I am concerned about using large Revit family file sizes within my Revit projects. How does Bradley Revit family file sizes address my concern?

Your Revit Family File Size is Too Big | How Big is TOO BIG?

11. I loaded & placed a Bradley Revit family in my Revit project. When I open the Bradley Revit Family File (RFA); I saw more items than what appear in my Revit project file (RVT). Why does the Revit family file look so different?

Here's Why Revit Family File Content Views Differently in a Revit Project

 12) Can I schedule and tag Bradley Revit families?

Yes. Review: Revit Schedules – Tags | Bradley Revit Family Parameter Checking

 13) My Revit family…

  • doesn’t respond to turning on/off its visibility in the view…
  • can’t be tagged with it’s appropriate category tag…
  • doesn’t show up in its designated Revit Schedule…

Here's How to Review and Revise That Revit Family’s Category Designation.

View Bradley Revit-BIM YouTube Channel

Bradley Revit-BIM / Corporate Channel | YouTube

1. How are plumbing connections configured inside the Bradley Revit plumbing fixtures?

Multiple Revit MEP Connections | Bradley Revit-BIM Family Video

2. How do I find and download the Bradley Revit Material Library Catalogs?

Download Bradley Revit Render-Ready Material Catalogs | YouTube Video

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