Key Costs and Quality Steps for Building Revit Families

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 24, 2016 1:30:00 PM

The Bradley BIM Team maintained time and cost records for building the Bradley Revit Family Library from the summer of 2009 to December 2011.When I survey the Revit family modeling costs, relative to the processes we used to build Bradley's 1000 Revit Families; it reveals the "real value" in cost savings for each pre-built Bradley Revit Family Model.

Each pre-built, Bradley Revit model, can typically save a trained and knowledgeable BIM Manager between $150-$250 of labor costs.

Whoa! How did you arrive at that dollar value?

I arrive at this value, by combining these 2 assumptions with our 7 standard steps (below) for properly constructing a Revit family model. In fact, these are the initial steps I teach every professional; that needs to properly create Revit family models.

 Assumption #1: I set my BIM Manager costs at $75 / hour; realizing the manager has real costs for hourly wage, software, equipment and benefits. The manager should have a billable rate (cost) for creating project Revit families (project billing cost) AND company standard Revit family library (billed back as overhead to reduce future project costs). I identify these costs as an organization's BIM Assets.

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Daniel Hughes Teaching Advanced Revit Family Class | UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Oct 22, 2012 5:48:04 AM

Daniel Hughes, Bradley Corporation BIM Strategist will be co-teaching an Advanced Revit Family Class at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee - School of Architecture and Urban Design on November 16th.

Dan Bayer, Director of Virtual Construction for Miron Construction (Neenah WI) invited me to co-teach a Revit Family class with him for the UWM Architectural Program students. We will use the standards, procedures and Revit models developed for the Bradley Revit Family Library (1000 families); for teaching our Revit Family Class."

Professional History

"Over the last decade, I've

  • consulted with Dan Bayer (then CAD Manager) as his Autodesk software installation & training consultant,
  • served with him in the Autodesk Reseller/Consultant Channel and
  • collaborated with him as my firm's BIM Manager; for projects where Miron Construction served as our BIM-based General Contractor."

Scope of Class

We'll teach (hands-on) the technical aspects (Best Practices) of building Revit families.

Our class will share the collaboration value; when designer, contractor and manufacturer are partnered from design through construction to provide the shared BIM benefits realized by a facility owner to manage the facility.

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