Revit Cloud - Infinite Computing Delivers 5x Faster Rendering Times

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Oct 7, 2016 9:15:00 AM

A core strategic advantage to Revit Cloud computing is simple; it's called 'Infinite Computing'.

From your local Revit software, you access the raw power of computing equipment; that has both processing and memory resources; that you can't buy for your desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

I processed this rendered image in 9 minutes (Best\Final Quality, 31 Artificial light sources) using the 'Infinite Computing' power of Autodesk 360.

--- Revit Cloud Potential | 5 Game-Changing Processes ---

In 45-minutes, I processed six rendered views (from a 120MB project) including one panoramic-JPG (360 view) that displays an animated, rendered view of the entire locker room.

Previously, it took 45-minutes to process one rendering from this view; using a workstation quality laptop with 16GB of RAM, 64-bit OS & Revit.

--- 5 Revit Presentation Tips | Architect Steven Shell ---

The Autodesk 360 rendering dashboard, features several image editing and 'Re-render' tools; to modify the initial rendered image\view.

Designers are always seeking better and faster visual tools; to confirm their clients' approval of their proposed design options.

Revit Cloud-based rendering 'levels the playing field' for sole-proprietorships, smaller staffed studios & design firms. They can create more design options, more quickly for their clients' approval; while greatly minimizing their time + labor costs.

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Download McGraw-Hill Construction Safety Management BIM Report

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Nov 26, 2014 5:10:42 AM

Download 50-page BIM Report:

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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Feb 3, 2014 5:06:44 PM

I authored my first monthly article for the Australian architecture, construction, design, engineering and facility management website --

I'm authoring a monthly article on behalf of the Bradley BIM Initiative; with a technical focus on a variety of facility design and construction topics.

This month's article is titled; Cloud-based BIM to Take off in 2014.

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Test-Drive Revit BIM Cloud Computing | Autodesk University 2012

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Nov 20, 2012 7:36:38 AM

What is the BIM Cloud? Cloud Computing is a metaphor for the internet and describes the way information technology is accessed. Your applications (Revit software?) are hosted at a separate IT facility, such as a data center. Whereby, you can access what you need (Revit projects?) remotely via a secure, internet connection. View Autodesk CEO Carl Bass article on "Infinite Computing via the Cloud"

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