Revit-BIM Manages Construction Site Assets and Safety

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jun 3, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Several Autodesk University classes featured contractors sharing their use of BIM to Manage the Construction Site Assets & Safety and BIM for Constructing the Building.

The world’s leading contractors have completely DIGITAL construction sites. The larger the project, the more dependent they are on BIM and digital technologies.

This includes oil & gas exploration and mining; which are long-term construction sites.

Contractors use BIM to Manage the Daily & Weekly Positioning of Construction Site Assets. These models and respective paperwork are reviewed weekly by Site Safety Engineers & submitted to governing agencies.

 --- Download McGraw-Hill Construction Safety Management BIM Report ---

Here are a few KEY business points on how BIM-based Contractors use BIM to

  1. create REPEAT client business

  2. engage their successful Team Members on future projects,

  3. prefabricate MEP systems and room configurations,

  4. plan & phase construction project processes, plan and improve safety,

  5. track, manage & financially plan construction site assets,

  6. order and install their proven Building Product Manufacturers (Supply Chain)

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BIM for Toilet Room Design | Construction Specifier AIA Convention Issue

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 6, 2016 9:45:40 AM

Bradley's article 'BIM for Toilet Room, Washroom and Locker Room Design' has now published in the May 2016 Construction Specifier |  AIA Convention Edition (Page 84-94

The article quickly summarizes the five (5) current design, engineering and construction BIM process fundamentals; that are actively used for designing and constructing buildings.

If you're not using BIM processes; this introductory section serves as base knowledge for the 8 evolving BIM proceses; that are detailed in the next section.

1) The BIM Bench

2) BIM All-in-One File

3) BIM...All-for-One

4) BIM Projects Dependent On Building Product Manufacturer Content

5) BIM is Not a Silo


The article isolates a summary of 8 BIM-dependent processes; that are utilized for the design and construction of Toilet Room, Washroom and Locker Room Design.

1) BIM Design\Construction Documentation

2) Free BIM Visualization

3) Advantages with BIM-assisted Specification Writing

4) ADA and Code-Checking

5) MEP Engineering

6) MEP & Toilet Room Pre-fabrication

7) Project Cost-Estimating and Building Product Procurement

8) Commissioning, As-built Documentation and Facility O&M


For your convenience; the Construction Specifier online magazine; provides a printing option to select pages and print the article to your printer (hard copy or PDF print driver)

Print a PDF version of the Bradley BIM CS article:

BIM for Toilet Room, Washroom and Locker Room Design | Construction Specifier - May 2016

Our thanks to The Construction Specifier for the opportunity to provide a BIM education article for their members and readers.

We also extend our thanks to the hundreds of architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners; that continue to share their BIM-Revit model and data requirements for their projects. Many of their shared BIM experiences were documented in our article.

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Download McGraw-Hill 'Measuring BIM Impact On Complex Buildings'

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Download 2015 60-page BIM Report:

McGraw-Hill BIM Report | Measuring the Impact of BIM on Complex Buildings

BIM Report Contributors: 391 owners, architects, engineers and contractors indicated they had a moderate to high level knowledge on the use of BIM within their organization.

  1. 40 Owners

  2. 183 Architects

  3. 68 Engineers

  4. 100 General Contractors


However, by 2015, many companies have gained deep experience with the use of BIM. Therefore, we believe the time has come to take the critical next step in the research and to establish the specific level of impact BIM has on 10 types of design and construction activities.

To do so, we asked respondents to quantify the positive impact of BIM for six specific metricsthat could be measured in terms of percentage of improvement. The research focuses specifically on complex projects because they offer the best opportunity to experience the powerful benefits BIM provides.

These 10 Activities of Planning, Design and Construction defined the real Impact of BIM on Key Outcomes for Complex Projects:

  1. BIM Impact on Owner Engagement and Understanding

  2. BIM Impact on Design

  3. BIM Impact on Documentation and Constructability

  4. BIM Impact on Estimating and Bidding

  5. BIM Impact on Construction Phasing and Logistics

  6. BIM Impact on Contractors' Understanding of Design Intent

  7. BIM Impact on Cost Control and Reduction

  8. BIM Impact on Schedule and Project Duration

  9. BIM Impact on Unplanned Changes, Rework and Out-of-Sequence Work

  10. BIM Impact on Labor, Safety and Material Waste

6 Metrics for the Impact of BIM on Complex Projects

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SysQue Provides Bradley Revit MEP \ Autodesk Fabrication Model Library

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 25, 2016 8:26:00 AM

The Bradley BIM Initiative has partnered with SysQue to provide "prefabrication-ready" Bradley product models in both;

  • SysQue (Revit MEP format \ RFA) and

  • Autodesk Fabrication (AutoCAD format \ DWG-ITM).

--- Skanska Revit-MEP Prefabrication | BIM Means Business ASPE Magazine ---

The initial SysQue Bradley Llibrary will feature these Bradley product models:

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BradleyBIM for Design-Build \ Integrated Project Delivery \ EPC

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Feb 19, 2016 2:52:36 PM

Bradley Corporation's core product design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery processes; partner well with these alternative project delivery processes:

  • Design-Build,

  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

  • Engineer, Procure & Construct (EPC)

  • Contractor-at-Risk and

  • Design-Assist.

Bradley BIM Design-Build Resource Guide

Bradley Resources Serving the Design-Build \ IPD Processes As the BIM process has become a core component  of these Design-Build & Prefabrication project delivery processes; Bradley offers;

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Download Integrated Project Delivery Survey | Take IPD Survey

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Oct 16, 2015 5:55:10 AM

The Integrated Project Delivery Alliance sponsored an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Survey-Report conducted by the University of Minnesota, titled:


This IPD survey remains open until September 15, 2016 to increase the number of responses. Take the survey and add your IPD Project experience to their results here:

>>> Take IPD Survey Here. <<<

The entire survey, both quantitative and qualitative input, should take you four to six minutes to complete. The survey will also request your use of BIM within the IPD process.

Visit : Bradley BIM Design-Build | IPD | EPC Resource Page

Download: Bradley Design-Build | IPD | EPC Resource Guide

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