4 Hours | 2D AutoCAD to Visually Data-Rich Revit Documentation

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Feb 28, 2018 3:25:00 PM

On Thursday night, our facility engineer showed me an as-built AutoCAD sketch for his toilet room renovation project in our Ohio manufacturing facility.

He asked if I could enhance the sketch with Revit for his Tuesday meeting with the contractor and facility engineers.

Starting Friday morning, it took 4 hours using Revit to create a fully coordinated construction doc set of

  • floor plan,

  • interior sections,

  • interior elevations,

  • reflected ceiling plan,

  • plumbing fixture and washroom accessory schedules,

  • 3D plan and 3D interior views.

AutoCAD Plan File Underlay

I linked his AutoCAD sketch of field measurements into the Revit file for tracing and as a reference for his ADA-toilet partition proposal.

Using the View Visibility (VV) settings, I set the Imported Category (Linked CAD file) to Half-Tone to make it less pronounced in the views.

Fully Coordinated Views & Document Set

Our interior designer provided a spreadsheet of components with their respective materials and model numbers for each room.

While she didn't specify the location of components; interior elevations and sections displayed product locations and heights for her review.

Using Bradley's pre-built Revit Family Library, the interior views and schedules immediately updated as the Revit components (lavatories, toilet partitions, accessories) were added to floor plans.

--- Key Costs for Building Revit Families | 1000 Bradley Revit Family Library ---

Cost Estimating

We added a Revit COST parameter to another plumbing fixture\accessory schedule (not printed). We exported the schedules to a spreadsheet to assist with the contractor's quoting process.

Revit Room Objects accurately reported each room's square footage for the floor finish renovation of each room. Additional face-to-face dimensions were added to field verify clearances between existing walls.

Sections & Reflected Ceiling Plan

Cross sections were created to field-verify clearances between the ceiling and structure.

It took 2 minutes to create a 'blank", correctly oriented reflected ceiling-tile plan from facility engineer's photos. He wanted to enhance the discussion of ceiling fixture placement (lights, vents, diffuser) with the lighting and HVAC engineering contractors.

Printing & Export to AutoCAD

The project was printed to scale on C-size PDFs; that are easily viewed or printed. Revit annotations (hatch, text, dimensions) automatically re-size and updated as we "played with each view's scale" to fit them on C-Size title block.

This plant facility is still managed in AutoCAD. However, we can export the Revit views to AutoCAD for inclusion into the facility's existing AutoCAD master file.

--- Revit for Restaurant Prototypes | Core Business-Design Values ---

Revit delivered these bottom line results;

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Bradley Dubai Office | Photo Gallery of Bradley BIM-Revit Tour

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 6, 2017 12:27:23 PM

In November 2016, The Bradley International Group opened a new Dubai Office and Showroom. This expanded Bradley Corporation's 30-year commitment of supplying building products for Middle East design, engineering and construction projects.

Since 2009, The Bradley BIM Initiative has supported architects, engineers and contractors; that are using Revit-BIM processes in the Middle East markets. My visit to the new Bradley Dubai Office and Showroom; provided some late afternoon \ early evening trips to a few local architectural destinations.  

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and meeting over 350 design-construction professionals during my two-week AIA-CES Bradley BIM Tour.

The opportunity to experience this region's amazing architecture, culture and people was truly a memorable adventure.

My personal thanks to Mohamed Barakat, Bradley's International Sales Manager for our Middle East clients. His personal efforts to take us to these destinations at the end of our work day; contributed to my ability to successfully shoot the images in this photo gallery.

Bradley Dubai Office: Jafza One, Office A1603, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E

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Bradley Solid Plastic Revit Lockers | Easter-Egg Parameter Options

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 23, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Bradley Lenox Tiered-Locker Revit Family models are available for download as 1 (single), 2, 3, 4, 5 and/or 6-tiered Revit families.

Each Bradley Revit tiered-locker has a variety of locker height options; that are stored as Revit family types: (24" Height, 36" Height, etc)

Once you've chosen the Revit Locker Height - Family Type; the Revit Properties Box has a series of "check-box" instance parameters that set these lockers' options:

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Bradley BIM 2.0 | Revit Family Library Update Available

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 17, 2016 7:40:00 AM



Summer 2014 launched the Bradley BIM 2.0 - Revit Library Update. Major portions of the Bradley Revit Library (1,000 Revit Families) were optimized and revised.


Rachel Hughes, Revit\BIM Support Technician (paid summer internship) has been piloting our Bradley BIM 2.0 Revit Library Updates. She cataloged each family's edits in our Standards Spreadsheet and authored new editing processes for our Revit Handbook.

More than 350 Bradley Revit families had their their visibility settings optimized.

--- Revit Project Performance | Revit Family File Size vs Family Visibility Settings ---

Currently, over 750 Bradley Revit models were given new parameters, old parameters were updated or deleted -and all 750 models were Revit project-tested.

This summarizes the Bradley BIM 2.0 updates; that we'll begin uploading to the Bradley Revit Library during September 2014.

New embedded Bradley BIM Shared Parameters are designed to assist BIM \ VDC and FM Managers with:

  •  Revit Model Data Collection & Management,
  • Scheduling & Tagging,
  • Design & Specification and
  • Operations & Maintenance processes.

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2015 BradVan-Bradley BIM US-Canada Tour | 3 Mobile Showrooms

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 26, 2015 6:40:00 AM

Free Bradley BIM Flash Drives (1,000 Revit Families) are joining the 2015 BradVan BLITZ | National Summer - Late Fall Tour.

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Free Bradley BIM Flash Drives - ISH 2015 Frankfurt Germany - March 10-14

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Feb 6, 2015 3:54:27 AM


Bradley BIM Model Flash Drives will be available (while supplies last in the booth) at the Bradley Corporation Product Booth at ISH 2015 Conference - Frankfurt Germany, March 10-14 2015.

Mention Code : BIM-ISH to our booth staff and obtain your free Bradley BIM Flash Drive (while supplies last) .

Visit Bradley ISH 2015 Booth Location:|Floor-Hall 4.2 Booth #J20

Mention Code BIM-ISH to our booth staff and obtain your free Flash Drive (while supplies last) .

What is ISH 2015?

ISH provides the world’s biggest showcase and trade fair for innovative bathroom design, energy efficient heating and air-conditioning technology and renewable energies.

Imagine exhibitor booths staffed by 20, 40 or 100 people integrated across a campus of multiple buildings --serving a global crowd of ISH design professionals and guests.

Bradley ISH 2015 Booth Location | Floor - Hall 4.2 Booth J20

Pick to access online ISH 2015 Exhibition Grounds Floor Plan Links

Experience the unique range of products and services for yourself at ISH in Frankfurt Germany from March 10 to 14 2015!

Visit the Bradley ISH 2015 Booth for your free Bradley BIM Flash Drive.

Visit Bradley ISH 2015 Booth Location:|Floor-Hall 4.2 Booth #J20

Bradley International | Serving Global Projects for Over 45 Years

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BradVan-Bradley BIM National Tour | 100 Cities - 3 Mobile Showrooms

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 23, 2014 7:10:30 AM

Free Bradley BIM Flash Drives (1,000 Revit Families) are joining the BradVan BLITZ | National Tour. Flash drives include more 1GB of content including the Bradley Revit Library of 1,000 families, Bradley Revit Material Library, Bradley BIM newsletters, links to Revit tutorials, videos and much more.

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Happy New Year 2014 | Bradley Corporation

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jan 1, 2014 5:36:49 AM

Bradley Corporation and The Bradley BIM Initiative; we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014.

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