Download Bradley Revit Thermostatic Mixing Valve Family Library

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Aug 9, 2013 5:25:48 AM

The Bradley Revit Thermostatic Mixing Valve Library consists of more than 30 Revit valve family components in Bradley's five valve product groups:

  • Point of Use Revit Valves
  • Standard Revit Valves
  • High-Low Revit Valves
  • Revit Recirculation Stations
  • Emergency Mixing Revit Valves

Download entire Bradley Revit TMV family library or drill down to select an individual Bradley Revit Thermostatic Mixing Valve family.

When applicable: These Revit family components include all variations for cabinet styles; functioning doors; temperature gauge options; with the ability to connect Revit MEP piping and adjust the primary connection points.

View Bradley Thermostatic Mixing Valve Product Pages, Tech Data Sheets & 3-Part Construction Specifications.

View Bradley Lead-Free Valve Tech Data Pages

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