How to Change Revit Family Visibility Settings | Bradley Toilet Paper Dispenser

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jul 30, 2015 7:37:36 AM

Client Question: The various Bradley Toilet Tissue Dispenser Revit models display a toilet paper roll. When I load the Revit model, the paper roll does not always display in my Revit project views. How can I best control the paper roll visibility?

Answer: Here are a few display options for controlling the toilet paper roll visibility:

I'll use a Bradley Diplomat (Recessed) Dispenser Revit Model in this tutorial.

1) Verify the Paper Product Visibility Parameter is Turned ON; when the Revit family is selected.

2) The Toilet Paper Roll visibility setting is ON -for Medium / Fine, not Coarse.

3) Open the Bradley Revit family and change the Visibility Settings for COARSE.

  • Go to a 3D View
  • Select the Paper Roll
  • Pick Visibility Settings Button above
  • Check the Coarse Setting to enable viewing of the paper roll with Coarse setting.
  • Pick OK.

* Tip: Notice the 3D solids' visibility settings are unchecked (OFF) for Plan/RCP, Front/Back and Left/Right -so solids are not visible in the orthographic views.

Revit Project Performance | Revit Family File Size vs Family Visibility Settings

After changing the visibility setting, load or reload the family into the project.

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Revit Schedules-Tags | Bradley Revit Family Parameter Testing Process

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Oct 13, 2011 8:27:36 AM

The Bradley BIM Team uses this Revit Tagging and Revit Scheduling test process as part of our Quality Assurance Process prior to adding families to the Bradley Revit Library.


1) Bradley Revit Family Components are loaded into a Revit test project. (*.rvt)

2) Next, Revit families are inserted into Revit test floor plans views,

Revit Specialty Equipment Tags | Plan View | Bradley Diplomat Accessories

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