Bradley Multi-Person Revit Beach Column Shower Families

Posted by Jonathan Rydz on Jun 7, 2011 6:01:44 AM

Today in Menomonee Falls (our corporate HQ), the temperature is supposed to get up to 100 degrees! And you can bet it won't be a dry heat, so it's going to be a good day to head for the beach.

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AIA Expo New Orleans

Posted by Jonathan Rydz on May 11, 2011 6:24:47 AM

The AIA Expo starts tomorrow (May 12), and I am looking forward to being there on the first day. This will the unveiling of a new booth design, which will allow us to showcase several products and services at the same time-and BIM is one of them!

We are having an invitation-only BIM Bash! Come to our booth at 3:00 Thursday - Ask for me, Jonathan (I'll be in the burgundy polo shirt) and mention this blog and I'll get you in. We'll have beverages, some very nice give-aways, drawings, and more! The BIM Bash is only an hour long, so don't be late!

Along with BIM, we also will be introducing our new line of high-end washroom accessories, the Diplomat Series. The Diplomat Series has a very nice, sleek look which will complement just about any decor.

We have four Revit families posted on our site right now, and will have the remaining families posted in the next few weeks.

We'll be featuring other new products at the expo, so please stop by!

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Three Revit Bradmate Washfountain Sink Family Components

Posted by Jonathan Rydz on Apr 21, 2011 9:02:12 AM

The Bradley Revit Family Library added three new Bradley Revit Washfountain family components for our BradMate Multi-Station Sinks-Washfountains.

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