Download Enclosed Safety Shower Revit Family | Clearance Box-SubCategory

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 4, 2017 9:25:00 AM

Bradley features Revit familes for the Enclosed Safety Showers in the Bradley Emergency Fixture Revit Family Library.Bradley ESS units feature emergency eye/face wash and drench showers; that include hot water heating units to meet tepid water standards.

The Bradley Enclosed Safety Shower Revit family components feature a semi-transparent, lightly shaded "clearance box" box. Dashed red lines appear in the plan and elevation views.

  1. The 3D clearance box assists with the design-construction BIM clash-interference detection and coordination.
  2. It helps the designer to design the space with adequate installation and maintenance clearances for this movable equipment.

A Revit subcategory named "Clearance" is assigned to the clearance box. It is located in the Revit View Visibility (VV or VG) dialogue box under "Plumbing Fixtures".

  • The Revit designer can toggle ON/OFF the visibility of the clearance box in the view.

The ESS Revit family has additional Revit subcategory visibility settings with the prefix of "ESS". They are also are located in the Revit View Visibility (VV or VG) dialogue box under "Plumbing Fixtures".

  1. The designer can toggle On/Off the visibility of the roof, walls and floor.
  2. This enables the designer to easily place ESS product options; Bradley Tankless Water Heaters and EFX Emergency Eyewash/Shower Revit components into the ESS cabinet.


Visit the Bradley Revit-BIM FAQ Page for additional Revit technical support for Bradley Revit-BIM Family Library.


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Design-On-Demand SKID System Revit Models

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Oct 26, 2016 10:22:12 AM


Two types of Bradley-Keltech On-Demand SKID System Revit models are available to download:

  1. Keltech Industrial Water Heating SKID

  2. Keltech Heater and Safety Fixture SKID

View Consulting Specifying Engineer 2016 Gold Winner | Keltech SKID Systems

How to Use Bradley-Keltech On-Demand SKID System Revit Models

Revit & Non-Revit Users | Recommended Action Plan

The Bradley-Keltech On-Demand SKID Revit models have several levels of product options.

This is offered by nesting Revit Bradley Emergency Shower and Keltech Tankless Water Heater Revit models onto the SKID.

>>> View Bradley-Keltech Design-On-Demand Product Page <<<

Here are two (2) Action Plans to expedite the use of Bradley Design-On-Demand SKID Revit models.

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Revit File Exports Serve Solidworks - Process Pipe 3D DWG

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 7, 2016 6:34:00 AM

Bradley S19-300B \ S19-300B \ Heat Trace Emergency Eye-Face Wash

Each month we export Bradley Safety Fixture Revit files to ACIS (*.sat) file format; that can be imported into 3D manufacturing software programs, like Solidworks.

We are also asked to convert these same Safety Fixture Revit files to 3D AutoCAD (*.dwg) files for several Process Pipe design programs.

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Modular Prefabrication | Design-Construction Success for Healthcare Design

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jan 22, 2013 3:33:43 AM

HealthcareDesign Magazine article (Dec 2012): Is Healthcare Next to See a "Game Change" in Modular Building? compares the successes of modular, prefabrication design-construction projects of private developers with recent healthcare projects.

Excerpt: The source of the excitement was the use of modular building components—prefabricated pieces, whether for patient rooms or MEP racks—being built offsite and then brought into a facility for quick installation. Not only did the jurors note the innovation involved in thinking outside the box, but also the inherent benefits that come with it, like shaving time off the schedule, reducing construction waste, lowering labor costs, and heightening quality.

Read the complete article to obtain project links to both the healthcare and private projects successfully implementing modular, prefabrication processes.

Learn how the BIM process, construction prefabrication and modular design are delivering value by downloading this report from our article: Download McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report | Prefabrication and Modularization | 2011

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