BIM-Revit Supporting Roles for Sustainable Design+Construction Processes

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 26, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Bradley BIM has more than 15 McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Reports (2007-2015) available for download; including 'Green BIM'.

The majority of these surveys demonstrate how BIM processes contribute as a core integration tool for sustainable design processes.

Download McGraw-Hill Report | Green BIM

BIM authoring software packages; like (Revit, AECOsim, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks) create the BIM facility project file. Third-party Add-On software applications provide niche design & analysis functionality; that is not typically included in the out-of-the box BIM software. is this helpful?

The cost to design, build and maintain large, complex facilities is significant. Virtually simulating a building's energy performance; during the desing process is crucial to reducing its projected energy costs. Integrating BIM processes is reducing the construction time, product waste, labor & energy costs to buid it.

Download McGraw-Hill Report | Measuring BIM Impact On Complex Buildings

Architects, engineers, contractors and facility owners are adding design + engineering functionality to their BIM authoring software; via BIM Add-On applications. These apps provide BIM software with the ability to simulate the seasonal energy consumption of a facility over the building's lifecycle.

BIM Add-On software components integrate with the designers' whole building facility model. Thereby, helping them to evaluate, analyze, design and simulate specific facility performance factors --prior to construction and occupancy.

Examples of BIM \ BIM Add-On Apps Assisting w/Sustainable Design Process

  1. Building Certification: BIM auto-collects & reports sustainable documentation

  2. Green Product Selection: BIM Automated Specification Writing Systems

  3. BIM MEP: Building Energy Performance Modeling Simulations

  4. Visualization: Interior Daylighting and Shadow Studies

  5. Green Material Volume Take-Off: New Construction, Demolition Construction Waste

  6. BIM MEP: Water \ Waste Systems Consumption, Calculations & Flow Analysis

  7. HVAC Load Analysis: Optimizing Heating and Cooling Loads & Zones

  8. Lighting | Evaluate Electrical Consumption & Light Coverage Verification

  9. Analyze & Simulate the Solar (Heat) Gain from a Building's Site Orientation

  10. BIM for Prefabrication: Utilizes Lean & Green Construction (Manufacturing) Processes

  11. Green BIM Site Design Studies calculate green space & drainage areas, parking lot design and inventory plantings for landscape maintenance.

Download McGraw-Hill BIM Report | Project Delivery Systems

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GREENBUILD 2015 | Visit Bradley Corporation Booth #3123 | NOV 18-20 Wash DC

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Oct 22, 2015 9:16:40 AM

As you review your Greenbuild 2015 Conference Schedule, floor plan and video –consider visiting the Bradley Corporation Booth #3123 while attending Greenbuild 2015 International Conference and Expo in Washington DC. (November 18-20 2015)

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GREENBUILD 2014 | Visit Bradley Corporation Booth #2662

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Sep 23, 2014 6:20:52 AM

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Bradley Sustainable Products at Greenbuild 2013

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Nov 19, 2013 6:03:45 AM

As you review your Greenbuild 2013 Conference Schedule --consider visiting the Bradley Corporation Booth #2629 --while attending Greenbuild 2013 International Conference and Expo in Philadelphia.

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Greenbuild | Pedia-Pod Modular Pediatric Patient Unit

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Nov 17, 2013 9:19:11 AM

The Pedia-Pod -- A state of the art pediatric building module will be completely constructed off site and installed at Greenbuild 2013. Built in collaboration with BD&C, this fully functional module will be displayed at this year’s Greenbuild conference in Philadelphia, showcasing the greener way to build with Modular Construction.

Building Design + Construction (BD+C) provides the background information behind 'Pedia-Pod, 'BD+C's modular pediatric patient unit at Greenbuild:

View BD+C Slideshow of Construction Process

Example of Prefabrication + Modular Construction Processes for a Hospital.

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Download McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report | Prefabrication and Modularization

Modular Prefabrication | Design-Construction Success for Healthcare Design

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Bradley BIM | 2012 Convention Schedule for Design-Construction-Facility Management

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jul 24, 2012 7:31:32 AM

The Bradley Architectural\BIM Team is attending seven (7) 2012 conferences this year that focus on the leading trends & processes for facility design, construction and facility management. They include;

We've found these events to be a great investment of our resources by obtaining booth space and networking with attendees in the educational classes & presentations.

Save the Dates. Plan to Attend. Watch for Future Booth Number Postings

8/23/2012 | DBIA Federal Sector Conference - Arlington VA

10/10/2102 | National Association of Convenience Stores - Las Vegas NV

10/29/2012 | ASPE Convention & Expo - Charlotte NC

11/7-9/2012 | Design - Build National Convention & Expo - New Orleans LA

11/16/2012 | GreenBuild International Conference\Expo - San Francisco CA

12/3-7/2012 | Eco Build America \ National BIM Convention - Washington DC

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