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Posted by Daniel Hughes on Nov 7, 2013 11:12:56 AM

I featured The Autodesk Software Rental Program, as part of my "Revit Family Secrets" class; at the ASPE - Chicago Product Conference in September 2013.

It became great discussion point for a few attendees; that felt it was a flexible purchase option for their situations.

Revit and AutoCAD-based software Rental Plans; give licensees the flexibility of monthly, quarterly and annual rental plans.

These Autodesk "Pay-As-You-Go" Plans --reduce your upfront software costs; for both short-term projects and free-lance projects.

It gives you the ability to "staff up" for a project and/or increase access to more Autodesk software; without the need to buy a perpetual Autodesk software license.

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Check with your business manager or accountant; to verify how or if you can add these rental software fees, to your project billing as a project expense.

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