Why BIM-VDC Managers Train and Support With Video

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jun 7, 2016 8:30:00 AM

How many "easy questions" do BIM Managers receive from their staff; that can be answered with a simple 1-2 sentence answer?

These questions provide BIM Managers with "Teachable Moments" for their staff or "Moments of Learning" for both staff and the BIM Manager.

I can assure you --staff members will be back to ask the same questions for future projects. New staff  members will have the same questions or variations of similar situations.

Repetition is how we ALL learn.

So, if "Time is Money"; you can't afford to waste the time of your staff, the project, the company and/or your own daily schedule.

Proactively building a Revit video library of short 2-4 minute support and training videos; will help save everyone's time.

Create videos to answer common process-based questions. It puts the BIM Manager in control of their time; while delivering on-demand self-learning & technical support.

For camera-shy BIM Managers, you don't need to use cameras or be on camera.

Since 2008, I've used the screen recording software, Camtasia Studio and SnagIt from TechSmith for creating my Revit technical support and training videos.

Camtasia records your mouse movements on your computer screen; while you are using a feature or performing a process in the application software (Revit, Excel, AutoCAD).

It also records your voice as you explain and train on a short procedure.

Once you complete the recording, save the recorded screen-capture to a Camtasia project file.

Next, select the "Produce and Share" command to create a video file in Windows (AVI\WMV) or MAC (MP4) video formats. Consider the following tips and procedures to use, store and protoect your video content.

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Owner Design Reviews | Expedite Multiple Revit Walkthrough Videos

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 23, 2016 9:24:00 AM

View Bradley Wall Shower Revit Family Articles

This video is an example of a procedure that allows the designer to quickly create multiple "walk through" animations for client design proposals and reviews.

Creating just one fully rendered walk-through animation could take several days when using Revit. Using this procedure, the designer can create multiple video animations while providing the owner with photo-realistic images of their proposed building design.

Rendered Image of Bradley Advocate LA-Series Revit Family Library

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e-SPECS for Revit - A Small Firm Perspective | CSI Learning Video

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Apr 7, 2016 6:39:00 AM


The CSI BIM Practice Group published this Revit | e-SPECS learning-video (below) defining a Small Firm's Perspective | Implementing e-SPECS Specifications authoring software. e-SPECS automates the creation of the specifications by linking directly to a project's Revit model.

In April 2012, Bradley announced that the Bradley Revit Family Library Joins E-Specs Integrated Specifications Program. Bradley's partnership became effective in June 2012.

--- Bradley BIM e-SPECS for Revit Begins 5th Year Commitment | 2016 ---

e-SPECS for Revit automates the process of creating specification manuals integrated with all Autodesk Revit-based applications. e-SPECS for Revit includes the e-SPECS Binding Manager to link Revit families to your master guide specs automatically including and filtering the sections based on the families and parameters in the BIM Model.


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3D Laser Scanning Level-Of-Accuracy (LOA) Meets BIM FORUM LOD

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 9, 2016 6:21:00 AM

Fall 2015 BIMFORUM-Orlando LOA Presentation

View all BIMFORUM event presentation videos and PDF files.

View a 15-minute video clip of the USIBD Level-Of-Accuracy (LOA) comparison with the BIM FORUM [AGC] Level-Of-Development (LOD).

Download the 60-minute MP4 file to view and listen to the entire discussion.

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Lip Dub - I'm An Architect Video - Redesigning the World

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Sep 5, 2013 5:28:15 PM

A humorous, 3-minute Lip Dub music-video titled "I am an Architect.

A design firm I follow on LinkedIn.com --posted this video on their LinkedIn update on Friday of Labor Day weekend.


Cameo appearances by Revit; while he highlights several "stereotypical perceptions" of life as an architect.

"I am an architect --and Master of BIM"

"We're architects-Oh; with creative flair. Re-designing the world; from buildings to chairs"

"Espresso and Red Bull for surviving Zombie-like, all-night project sessions"

"The typical clip-art pictures of architects always pointing at projects or paper."

Pretty funny -if you have experienced any of the scenarios he portrays in the video --Enjoy.

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Free Bradley BIM 4GB Flashdrive | Contact Your Bradley Field Sales Organizations

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Nov 13, 2012 8:43:47 AM

Get Your Free 4GB Bradley BIM Flash Drive

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Video Link | Bradley AIA CES | GBCI Sustainable Toilet Room Design Webinar Sep 13

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Sep 18, 2012 4:58:14 AM

Bradley's AIA-CES | GBCI Sustainable Webinar video link is now posted for the "High Performance Sustainable Toilet Rooms".

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Download Bradley Revit Render-Ready Material Catalogs | YouTube Video

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Aug 2, 2011 8:32:09 AM

This video displays rendered images for several of Bradley's plumbing and specialty equipment Revit family components.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrJFh7jVu54?rel=0&w=560&h=420]

Bradley Revit-BIM family components are built with "render-ready" default materials; to meet the designer-contractor visualization and rendering requirements.

Bradley Lockerroom | Revit Toilet Partitions-Lockers-Lavatories

Revit users may download several Revit Material Catalogs (stone, metal, plastic, etc) with pre-built Bradley Revit materials. Revit-BIM Managers can transfer these materials from the Revit Material Catalog Files (RVT) into their Revit project files.

Related Article

Visit the Bradley Revit-BIM FAQ Page for additional Revit technical support for Bradley Revit-BIM Family Components.

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