Bradley BIM 2.0 | Revit Family Library Update Available

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Mar 17, 2016 7:40:00 AM



Summer 2014 launched the Bradley BIM 2.0 - Revit Library Update. Major portions of the Bradley Revit Library (1,000 Revit Families) were optimized and revised.


Rachel Hughes, Revit\BIM Support Technician (paid summer internship) has been piloting our Bradley BIM 2.0 Revit Library Updates. She cataloged each family's edits in our Standards Spreadsheet and authored new editing processes for our Revit Handbook.

More than 350 Bradley Revit families had their their visibility settings optimized.

--- Revit Project Performance | Revit Family File Size vs Family Visibility Settings ---

Currently, over 750 Bradley Revit models were given new parameters, old parameters were updated or deleted -and all 750 models were Revit project-tested.

This summarizes the Bradley BIM 2.0 updates; that we'll begin uploading to the Bradley Revit Library during September 2014.

New embedded Bradley BIM Shared Parameters are designed to assist BIM \ VDC and FM Managers with:

  •  Revit Model Data Collection & Management,
  • Scheduling & Tagging,
  • Design & Specification and
  • Operations & Maintenance processes.

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Download OmniClass Table Guide for Revit Family Parameters

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jul 16, 2013 6:13:53 AM

Download These Excel & PDF tables to add OmniClass Titles and Number values to your Revit Family Product Models. Here are several links:

HOMEPAGE | view and Download Table 23|PRODUCTS from

TABLES | View and Download Table 23 | PRODUCTS from

The OmniClass Construction Classification System (known as OmniClass™ or OCCS) is a classification system for the construction industry. OmniClass is useful for many applications, from organizing library materials, product literature, and project information, to providing a classification structure for electronic databases.

ABOUT | View and Download Table 23 | PRODUCTS from

The Bradley Revit Library (1,000 Families) embeds the OmniClass Title and Number values into each Bradley Revit Family. OmniClass parameters are stored in the TYPE Parameters and viewed from Revit Property dialog box. (below)

--- Bradley BIM 2.0 Update Expands OmniClass Support for Bradley Revit Library ---

HOMEPAGE | view and Download Table 21|PRODUCTS from

TABLES | View and Download Table 21 | PRODUCTS from

In addition, Bradley typically includes the Uniformat Assembly Code and MasterFormat Title and Numbers in every Bradley Revit Family.

This CSI Chapter Presentation -- OmniClass, CSI Formats, and Their Role in BIM will provide you additional information on this parameter.

[slideshare id=7985064&doc=omniclass2011-05chapter-110516140827-phpapp01&type=d]

Additional Bradley BIM Articles:

TUTORIAL: Owner Design Reviews | Expedite Multiple Revit Walk-through Videos With Revit Rendered Images


Download Complete Bradley Revit Family Library (1000 Families) – Download All Options

Download Bradley Revit Family Library From Autodesk Seek Building Product Manufacturer Revit Library

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