How to Change a Revit Family Category Designation

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 22, 2013 6:19:50 AM

Every Revit family is assigned a specific category; based on the Revit Family Template that was originally used to create the Revit family.

The Power of a Revit Family's Category Designation;

  1. controls the family's visibility in each view; using the View Visibility (VV) Settings.
  2. defines the Revit Tag that can be used for tagging the family
  3. determines the Revit Schedule Type that will list & schedule the Revit family

When your Revit family...

  1. doesn't respond to turning on/off its visibility in the view...
  2. can't be tagged with it's appropriate category tag...
  3. doesn't show up in its designated Revit Schedule...

You need to review and revise that family's Category Designation.

Follow these Simple Steps to Change a Revit Family Category Designation

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