3-in-1 Handwashing Systems Shrink Accessible Toilet Room SqFt–Revit

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jun 4, 2018 9:55:00 AM

What if Bradley could help you meet toilet room ADA design requirements; while reducing your clients' toilet room space (SqFt) and construction costs? 

A Bradley WashBar 3-in-1 handwashing system provides designers with a unique accessibility product solution that delivers a more efficient, compact ADA compliant toilet room.

Bradley, the leaders in all-in-one technology, has scaled down the delivery of soap, water and hand drying via the exclusive Verge® with WashBar™ technology.

Franchise Client: "We realize the Bradley WashBar could significantly reduce our ADA toilet room spaces. The construction cost savings easily pay for the WashBar; while providing our franchises with the option to reallocate the 'saved space' to retail and\or customer seating space." 

Bradley centralizes the core handwashing components (water, soap, & dryer) to the wash basin. This provides designers with the opportunity to significantly reduce the toilet room footprint or square footage.

Two design options emerged for the franchise;

  • Reducing toilet room space allowed the franchise to reduce the respective construction costs. 
  • The new available space could be allocated to both retail and customer seating space.

Bradley 3-in-1 (All-in-One) touchless handwashing systems

  1. meet accessibility codes,
  2. reduce the owners' square footage & construction costs,
  3. reduce the owners' risks associated with slippery, wet floors,
  4. reduce the owners' building management costs for water, paper towel usage and maintenance,
  5. provide a pretty cool visually-appealing, technologically-savvy handwashing product.

Download Pre-built Revit Accessible Toilet Room Sample Model

The Verge with the patented WashBar Technology provides a completely touchless handwashing experience in a sleek and engaging design.

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Safe Clean Toilet Room Design | Advocate Revit Hand Washing System

Posted by Daniel Hughes on Jan 4, 2018 1:45:00 PM

How many times have you walked into a toilet room; where the hand-washing area (sink) is on one side of the entrance door and the hand-drying area (paper towels\hand dryer) is on the other side of the door?

Or, while standing at the hand-washing area (sink) you find the hand-drying area (paper towels\hand dryer) is located behind you mounted on the wall?

The distance that separates the hand-washing area from the hand-drying area; is the space for potential risk of a slippery floor for users of this toilet room design.

  1. The water dripping off of visitors' hands; creates a slippery floor in the walking and exit paths of the toilet room.

  2. A wet floor, more easily collects dirt from visitors shoes and potentially becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Bradley AV-Series Advocate Lavatory (Hand Washing System)

Advocate Serves as Key Component to Safer-Cleaner Toilet Room Design

The Advocate AV-Series hand-washing system provides each user their personal, hand-washing space; complete with soap, water and integrated hand-drying.


The Advocate's hand-drying system is fully integrated with the hand-washing basin to minimize or eliminate water dripping onto the floor. This provides both a safer and cleaner toilet room design.

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4 Bradley Revit Lavatories for ADA Compliant Toilet Room Renovations

Posted by Daniel Hughes on May 13, 2016 3:30:00 PM

Over the last month, Revit software and the Bradley Product Revit library proved to quickly & efficiently layout a large number of ADA compliant Toilet-Locker Rooms.

- 4 Hours | 2D AutoCAD to Visually Data-Rich Revit Documentation -

Three (3) separate clients with over 250 locations scheduled for renovation; received plans, elevations & sections, 3D interior perspective views, rendered images and bill of materials for costing their projects.

Four (4) Bradley lavatory decks continuously stood out as the 'Go-To' ADA accessible handwashing systems for these toilet room renovations.


Renovating existing toilet rooms to meet ADA requirements can be costly, time consuming, disruptive and in some cases almost impossible. The later, may require renovating and creating a much larger footprint and/or completely relocating the toilet room.


- Download Pre-built Revit Accessible Toilet Room Sample Model -

Here are the four (4) Bradley space-saving, prefabricated ADA lavatory design solutions we used for these projects. They are listed in the order that designers selected them for their projects. They helped designers accommodate the 'unknowns' for toilet room renovation projects; while meeting the ADA criteria.

1) Bradley features 2 types of space-saving 3-in-one touchless handwashing systems with the Bradley Advocate & Verge. The Bradley Advocate AV-Series modular 3-in-1, touchless handwashing system provides the smallest footprint for a complete hand washing (water, soap, dryer). Download Advocate AV-Series Revit Models

- Compact Accessible Green Toilet Room Design | Advocate Revit Family Hand Washing System -

- Safe Clean Toilet Room Design | Advocate Revit Family Hand Washing System -

The Bradley Verge® Lavatory System with WashBar™ Technology and the respective Revit Verge Model Library are located in the Bradley Revit Library. (1,000 Revit Families)

 The Verge® with exclusive WashBar™ technology is the 2nd all-in-one handwashing system.

The integrated design of the Verge basin in Evero® natural quartz material and clean + rinse + dry functionality housed in the new single piece WashBar create an attractive intuitive space for handwashing. The Verge with the patented WashBar provides a completely touchless handwashing experience in a sleek and engaging design.


2) The Bradley Verge L-Series Lavatory System has less depth than other Bradley Lavatory systems. This lavatory also meets the ANSI Enhanced Reach range. Download Verge L-Series Revit Models


3) The Bradley ELX-Express Lavatory System is modular but has a shorter deck. For example, a 2-station ELX is 55" long, compared to the Verge L-Series, which is 60" long.  Download ELX Revit Models


4) The patented, multi-height Bradley Frequency Lavatory System comfortably provides hand-washing access for adults, children, and those with disabilities. 

The convex (higher) station provides a more ergonomically correct position for able-bodied users while the concave (lower) stations can be mounted to meet ADA or TAS guidelines. Download Frequency Revit Models

Bradley prefabricated lavatory systems can assist with minimizing the interior demolition costs; while providing labor savings with an "out-of-the-box & install" ADA compliant hand washing system. This proves to be ideal for organizations' that have multiple renovation projects; with a multitude unknown floor plan conditions.

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